A Wine Storage Tip or Two for the Home


A Wine Storage Tip WebPage was written to accompany our Beverage Storage page because Kool Aid is not the only beverage that needs to be stored properly.

Wine is an elegant drink that is enjoyed all around the world. This product has been enjoyed by millions all through history. However, the avid collector may not enjoy the product nearly as much if bottles have overwhelmed their kitchen closets, shelves, and cabinets. Not only does this disheveled display a high sense of disorganization, it also may affect the taste of the wine once it is opened and consumed.

Do you find that you purchase only enough food to fit between the wine bottles in your kitchen? Have you lost track of what wines you have collected? Are you deemed as the “wine expert” because your friends and family members have to maneuver around all the bottles that you have collected? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it is high time to implement a wine storage system!

One of the first things that you should know and understand is that different types of wines call for different types of storage. Stuffing all those varieties of wine that you have in your kitchen cabinet next to the chicken noodle soup just does not work! Convenient? Maybe. Appropriate? No! The ideal method of storing most wines is to integrate a wine cellar into your home. On the realistic side, most of us probably do not have this luxury.

If you are really interested in proper wine storage, you should consider implementing the use of wine storage bins. These bins come with many different levels and slots that can be used to easily slide all of your wine bottles into. As your wine collection grows, you can purchase supplemental wine storage bins easily and simply attach them to the original structure. This makes wine storage and protection a breeze! No matter sorting through all those bottles in the cabinets and other locations throughout the home!

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When learning wine storage tips, you will find that it is best to store this drink in areas that have little to no light exposure. It is important that the wine is kept is an area that is kept relatively cool. Many people do not understand the importance of the climate and the conditions surrounding wine storage. This all directly relates to the cork that is placed in the wine. If the bottles are kept cool, and out of the way of light, the cork will stay in place and remain “airtight” until the bottle is opened. It is important to store wine in a manner which sets it sideways for this reason as well. This will ensure that the cork remains moist.

As you can see, it is important to have a cool, dark area to place your wine. Ok, so, you don’t have a wine cellar. What to do? How about transforming a closet in your home into a wine storage bin? This is a relatively inexpensive way of storing wine when a wine cellar is not available in your home. However, it will take a little bit of work in order to do this correctly.

The following steps need to be performed in order to create a wine storage bin in a closet:

1) The first thing that you should do is to pick a closet in the home that is closest to the foundation. You will be required to take everything out of this closet.

2) In order to ensure that the area stays cool, you will need to ensure that foam board is placed in every area inside the closet.

3) Many individuals actually replace the door of the closet with an airtight door complete with weather stripping. If you are looking to ensure that no heat and/or light enter this area, you should consider this particular investment as well.

4) Once this has been completed, you should research wine storage bins, or other types of storage containers, like racks, to place in the closet. All bottles should be slid in and placed on their side to ensure maximum quality and freshness.

There are many wine storage tips that you should consider if you are a collector.

For example, with red wine, it is important to allow it to be stored, or to sit in an open area once it has been opened. If you are dealing with white wine, though, it is best to store it in a home refrigeration system. If you do store wine in a refrigerator, you must understand that it will keep for approximately five days.

The next wine storage tip concerns the actual length of time that the wine should be kept in storage areas. You should understand that many wines are created in such a way that they improve in quality, price, and taste over time. There are many wines, however, that should be consumed immediately. When storing wine, it is important that you know the difference.

Storing too long or not long enough can be bad for the wine. Wine storage tips include many different areas. The type of wine, age of wine, and the intention of the wine should be considered when storing.

You should also consider wine storage bins, racks, and other methods of storing and keeping wine. This will ensure that you are making the most informed decision possible when it comes to the quality of your collection.

Remember To Always Drink Responsibly