Wine Cooler Storage- 5 Ways To Help Choose The Right Wine Cooler Storage For You


If you're a wine lover and have been looking for a wine cooler storage unit it's time to start having some fun. Why get overwhelmed about all the variations and questions that come with deciding which wine storage units to purchase? Just let us give you five helpful tips so when you make that final purchase, there isn't any regret wishing you would have gotten something else. No one likes to second guess and we'll keep it from happening by giving you the basics.

#1 Make Everything Convenient With Your Wine Storage Unit

The first area of business is to find a place to have your wine cooler storage area. Since the turn of the century thousands of new homes are being constructed to have specific areas just for wine. However, we aren't suggesting you just go out and purchase a new home or anything, but instead find a space in your home to make this a comfortable transition. If you don't your only looking at future issues with lack of space.

This new wine cooler storage unit will be based on how much wine you'll actually be storing. If you only need enough space to place it within the kitchen cabinets, why not keep it there? The basement? There are even some people who keep their wine storage in the garage. While the last idea isn't elegant, it gets the job done.

We suggest using the garage as a last resort if there is no other place to put it. Wine presentation is everything and storing your wine in the garage just doesn't sound appealing when company arrives. Another thing to keep in mind is having a convenient place for your temperature gauge for easy access. Then of course, allowing the wine cooler storage unit to breathe. Some units have rear exhaust fans and should have an open area to circulate.

#2 Planning For The Future Of Your Wine Cooler Storage

This is where we want you to be the next Nostradamus. Deciding on how big you want your wine collection to be is very important. Why get something that holds six bottles when you plan on having around 200? You get the idea, so make sure your wine storage unit is big enough so you don't need to purchase another one anytime soon.

#3 Purchasing A Wine Cooler Storage Unit Based On Bottle Size

Following this step requires you to figure out what type of wine you'll be storing. The common 750ml bottle of wine is the best size to purchase, but if you want the 1.5L be sure the storage unit can accommodate both. Remember those boxes growing up that you had to place a star, square, rectangle or triangle in the proper slots? Ever try putting the rectangle in the square slot? Yea, we wouldn't recommend trying to put a 1.5L bottle in a 750ml bottle slot either.

#4 The Best Of The Rest

So we've given you the basics for purchasing a new subzero wine storage cooler, but there are still other things some of you may consider. Bigger collections will require easy to read labels, families with young children will want to be sure the door properly locks, and many other scenarios out there. A major tip for you is to make sure the wine cooler storage unit is secure. If not, you may notice a noisy motor which creates vibration and literally shakes the wine.

A Wine Storage Tip or Two for the Home

#5 Now It's Time To Choose Your Subzero Storage Unit

The fifth tip for purchasing your next wine cooler storage unit will be based on size and price. The Sub-Zero 427 allows for up to 132 bottles with pull-out shelves and can hold various different wine bottle sizes. This is a full-sized unit and can be integrated within your kitchen area. If the 427 is too big, take a look at a 424 wine cooler storage system that holds about a third of the bottles as the 427. One thing to keep in mind about the 424 is that it only holds 750ml wine bottles.

For beginners we would suggest a 315W wine cooler unit that is thin and small space compatible. It will still hold 26 wine bottles at the 750ml size and still be cost effective if you're just starting out. Stainless steel, black, and wooden faces are quite common with subzero wine storage units. Matching the design up with your home style won't be too difficult at all.

We all know that Subzero is a well known product brand but there are all kinds of wine cooler storage units to fit your budget,tastes and needs.

Where To Go From Here

Well, hopefully after reading all the tips we gave you above it won't be such an adventure to purchase your next wine cooler. Getting a magnificent design, the right size, and the right price is really all it takes to start building your collection today. When guests come over to your house they will be impressed with the love you have for wine. Having a wine cooler storage unit will leave you looking like a wine connoisseur. The sooner you purchase a subzero storage unit, the sooner you can start building the wine collection you've been dreaming about for years. Good Luck!

Remember to Always Drink Responsibly