Why is Veterans Day Important?



Why is Veterans Day important?

It is important because it is a time when we reflect on the many men and women who have not only served and still serve their Country, but also to remember important people that have died in battle, or are no longer with us. There are so many dates to remember, Pearl Harbor, Battle of the Bulge, the conflicts in Japan. But it's not just those days of old wars, but also of the new wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many others.

What is Veterans Day?

In the year 1954 the 83rd congress, surviving both World War II and the Korean War were urged by veteran organizations to amend the Act of 1938 by changing the word Armistice to Veterans. On June 1st of 1954, it was deemed that November 11th would be that official day of honoring veterans. In 2001, The United States Senate Resolution 142 was enacted, making the week of November 11-November 17 as National Veterans Awareness Week, calling for the education of both elementary and junior high school students, on the sacrifices and contributions of our veterans.

There are many reasons why Veterans Day is important. Not only is it the way many learn about the brave soldiers that serve our Country, but it is also a time when they can get together. Many times retired service men and women don't have the time or energy to meet with their mates, and remember.

Each year, more and more are passing away, and the veterans from World War II and the Korean war have found themselves alone. It is a time when they can meet new people, reflect on friends and loved ones that have passed.

What is Veterans Day?

It's not just a date on a calendar, but a day to remember, and be reminded of just how important our freedom is. We have Independence Day for sure, but that just reminds us when our Country was founded. Veterans Day is about all the brave men and women who keep our freedoms alive and strong. It's not about wars, past or present, or our opinions on them.

Many soldiers may have the same opinion as many other citizens, but they serve, fight, and sometimes die, regardless of their political opinions. This is such a brave and noble thing, and Veterans Day reminds us of this.

Why is Veterans Day important?

Because without it, many would forget the sacrifices of our soldiers. These days, educators are so busy just getting kids ready for the real world, that important dates and sacrifices are put on the back burner, with only mentioning here and there.

As our youth grows up, they know less and less about our world history, why we observe certain days, and why they are important. If you ask a lot of kids what Pearl Harbor is, they may be able to tell you that it's in Hawaii, but why it's so important, often they don't know.

If you really want to know why Veterans Day is important, do some volunteer work on this day. Many people feel they contribute by volunteering, helping with transportation to and from gathering places, serving food, providing entertainment and the like.

This gives real people a real chance to interact with veterans, hear their stories, share their triumphs and tragedies. It gives many a sense of accomplishment, knowing that in some small way, they have helped our servicemen and women to live happy more productive lives.

There are many resources online about Veterans Day. Some sites can fully explain just what is Veterans Day, and why is Veterans Day important. You can find out where and how to volunteer, as well as a lot more information. You can learn about important dates in history, and how they effect the events in the world today. You can read about personal stories from soldiers themselves, and historical accounts, and so much more.

Why is Veterans Day important?

Because we all need to remember the past for if we don't remember, we are doomed to repeat it. We are loosing more and more of our important people, who were actually there, in the trenches, and so the need to remember is even more important today.