What is Credit Counseling?


In debt and don't know what to do? Have you stopped answering your telephone or checking your caller id box each and everytime your phone rings? You can't continue to do this as your debt is growing through late fees and over limit credit card fees.

There are Credit Counseling organizations that can help you with this frustrating and stressful problem.

A credit counselor is charged with the job of helping you with your financial future. When you are in debt your financial outlook is a little blurry and out of focus(believe me I needed glasses too). A credit counsler can help you see clearly.

Credit counselors don't judge you on the choices you made in the past but help you to make better choices in the future. Credit counseling is designed to change your mindset so you will not have the same problems 2-3 years from now.

A credit counselor must have credentials and trained in debt management and counseling by an outside organization. Research the National Foundation for Credit Counseling to make sure their company is listed. Any Credit Counselor with good references will normally work only with reputable companies.

Check with family and friends for recommendations. If anyone you know has had to manage their debt with help, ask them who they used for credit counseling. You can also turn to your local non-profit organizations or local political office for recommendations.

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Your 1st meeting with a credit counselor is usually free of charge. This is the time to freely and openly lay out your financial problems and see what advice the credit counselor can give to you. If the credit counselor is experienced he or she can provide you with a number of tips in the first meeting.

Pay close attention when in the meeting, does the information provided make any sense to You? The steps may seem difficult to you you but there shuld be logic there.

The details of your financial debt is very personal and you should be able to trust the counselor. Trust your gut, if you feel you are unable to trust this person move on.

If you trust them don't forget to inquire about their services. Just for the financial advice, there will be a small fee. Some credit counselors give out free budget worksheets or other materials, some even hold free or low cost classes about debt management.

Credit counseling is designed to help you change your bad habits and get out of debt. A credit counselor can only advise but if they make sense work hard and try it their way. A good counselor will help you obtain positive results.