Turn Leftovers Into A Great Salad


Unless the leftovers are one of your favorite foods, you really don't want to see them the next day. Before you know it, the leftovers have been in your refrigerator for 4-5 days and are ready for the garbage can or disposal, a definite waste of good food and money. So, what do you do to keep from wasting good food and money? Turn leftovers into a great salad.

There's a great way that will help you save money and keep from having leftovers again for your spouse and children. Create a salad, " I didn't stutter." We'll share a couple of leftover salad ideas that will help stretch your food budget.

The most simple to make a leftover salad with are meats like roast beef, which can be sliced and added to some lettuce, onions, and tomatoes, for a great lunch idea. Leftover pork roast can be added to a salad with sesame seeds and coleslaw for an Asian style side dish.

Leftover hamburger can be warmed and crumbled over lettuce, omatoes, onions, cheese, and tortilla chips. Put a little sour cream and taco sauce, and you have one of my favorite foods, Taco Salad.

Don't throw away the turkey or chicken leftovers, yet. Remove the meat from the bones, grab the mayo, a hard-boiled egg, celery, some relish, mix it up, and you have a great leftover salad for lunch or an after-school snack for the kids.

Leftover vegetables seem to get wasted more than any other food. You can always take leftover broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and peas, add them to your salad, and drenched in your favorite salad dressing.

Our leftover magic webpage offers more answers and options for your leftovers before having to throw food away. If you just think of the time and money saved, while outsmartinting the pickiest leftover hater in your family. It will be well worth the time to come up with some great leftover recipes.