The Psychology of Debt Don't be scared to answer Your Telephone


Debt - It's a common word because it is a way of like for many; How many people do you know who are debt free? Thay are definitely on the short list. But along with the bills comes a mindset that has to be dealt with to remain debt free forever.

For the past 10-20 years, debt consolidation loans were the most common choice for those who want to get out from under credit card and loan debt. It seems that paying one bill is better than paying ten but, is this the right solution? Can you relieve Yourself of debt 1 year and in 5 years be in the same debt situation? Why is this the case?

There are two emotions that we deal with when in debt. Chronic Denial and the Blinder Syndrome. The first (Chronic Denial) is what you have when you go through the debt cycle. One year you take the debt consolidation route and the next thing you know you're looking for one again. Instead of cutting your credit cards up you hide them in a not too hard to get to place and bust them out when something supposedly goes on sale.

For those with Chronic Denial obtaining a Debt Consolidation Loan is like putting a bandage on a broken leg. You've basically are given "Get out of Jail Free card" without having to come to terms of how you got into the financial situation place unless your receive some

Credit Counseling otherwise history is doomed to repeat itself.

Your mindset would be that being in debt the first time was not all that bad and I know how to control my spending (Yea Right!).

The second emotion (Blinder Syndrome)is just as bad. Horses wear blinders so they don't get distracted by whatever else is out there. They focus straight ahead and nowhere else. When you have Debt Blinders on,you don't see the debt problems all around you.

So when the phone rings you don't automatically go to your caller id to screen the call. My friend has a joke when he calls and we don't answer, he leaves a message and says"You can pick up the phone it's not Bill (Bill Collector that is). If it's not a familiar number or 1-800 or 1-888 or if you know it's a bill collector you simply let it go to voice mail. Placing bills that you can't pay in a drawer is an indicator of this syndrome.

You've trained Yourself to believe if you don't see it,it's not happening. I remember a time when I actually trained my kids how to answer the phone if I thought it was a bill collector, needless to say this was embarrasing as my youngest son needed a lot of practice. Finally, you decide not to open your mail or even answer your telephone again.

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There is a solution. Face the situation and feel the tension and burden lifted. It may require an intervention from family and friends, but if you acknowlege that there is a problem you will reach financial freedom.

Talking to a Debt Counselor about options and fiscal responsibility will solve Chronic Denial and the Blinder Syndrome or at least get you on the right track. You don't have to live in the vicious cycle of debt or live under a mounting debt with no relief. Start now and get out of Debt for Good.