Thanksgiving Side Dishes With Flavor


Thanksgiving is one holiday that we all look forward to. The center of attention or table is the turkey, but it does not douse the center of our taste buds like the Thanksgiving side dishes. Here are some good ideas for making your turkey day sides irresistable.

Are spices the answer? Spices get your blood boiling sometimes, literally. Nutritionists say that eating spicy foods increase metabolism. This is definitely a plus because on Thanksgiving, we tend to eat everything in sight.

Crushed red pepper is a zesty option. You can purchase this spice in the grocery store or you can strip the seeds out of red hot peppers. You can mix the seeds in famous Family Recipes for sausage stuffing.

Nutmeg and cinnamon are great spices for adding flavor. When we speak of those spices we normally think of pies and desserts. You can add both to Sweet Potato and carrots for a different treat this year.

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Fresh herbs taste great on vegetables. Why not try blending some garlic and a little sour cream in your potatoes. Adding thyme or dill to a cream sauce tastes delicious over some fresh green beans or asparagus spears.

When cooking your rice, instead of boiling it in plain water try adding some bouillion cubes or herbs to the water. While the rice cooks, the cubes and herbs infuse flavor through each grain.

When it comes to your stuffing, why not add a hint of sage and some cracked black pepper. This will give it a nice taste with a little bite to it. Always remember to use your turkey essence when preparing your gravy to liven up the taste.

Whatever Thanksgiving side dishes you decide to serve, try different spices to awaken the taste buds of your family and friends.

Adding spices is great, but remember not to overdo it. You could accidentally ruin the entire dish. Herbs and spices are meant to enhance the food without taking away from the original flavor.