A Teenage Diet Plan will help with the health, well being and self esteem of Your Child


Teenage Diet Plan

The percentage of obese and overweight teenagers in the country is increasing at an alarming rate, due mostly to poor eating habits and a lack of physical activity. It is much easier to lose weight as a teenager than an adult, and is especially important to prevent serious health conditions related to obesity from occurring.

It takes effort from both the teenager as well as the parents for the child to lose weight, since it is going to require a healthy eating,exercise, and teenage diet plan. Because healthy eating habits are learned early on, it is important for the entire family to participate in healthy eating in order to encourage their overweight child to adapt healthy habits by using a Teenage Diet Plan.

A teenager will need to follow a slightly different diet plan than an adult, since they require much more vitamins and nutrients to support their growing bodies. They also require more calories than an adult who has stopped growing, but will typically have an easier time burning them off since their metabolism is much faster than an adult’s. A teenager on a diet should plan on consuming between 1800 and 2000 calories each day, and it should be packed full of fresh food items like fruits and vegetables.

Most teenagers who are obese need to help speed up their metabolism, which can be easily achieved by eating small portions on a regular basis. Rather than eating three large meals a day, the teenager should focus on several small meals all throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be slightly larger than the rest of the meals consumed during the day, but should be no more than 500 calories including any beverages.

It can be hard for teenagers who are obese to lose weight, since many of their friends are probably drinking sodas, fast foods and eating potato chips on a regular basis. Although these types of food items may not cause some to gain excessive amounts of weight, they contain empty calories that can make weight loss much harder to achieve.

A teenage diet plan should not contain any food items that contain empty calories, and should only consist of foods that provide great nutritional value. Although having a soda or cookie with some friends won’t hurt, it is important for teenagers to learn that these items should only be eaten every once in awhile, and should be replaced with healthy alternatives such as water and vegetables, or fruit and a glass of fat-free milk.

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Exercise is necessary for weight loss, especially for teenagers who are obese. It doesn’t have to involve going to the gym or running several miles, but the teenager must participate in physical activity on a regular basis. Playing basketball with some friends, holding a neighborhood baseball game, or even visiting the local pool with the family are all great examples of healthy exercise, and they can be fun and burn calories at the same time.

In order to lose weight in a healthy and fast manner, the teenager should participate in physical activities for at least thirty minutes at a time, at least three times per week while sticking to a teenage diet plan.

Parents can also develop a fun workout plan for their teenager, in order to help them lose weight and maintain a healthy weight once they are no longer obese. Signing the entire family up for a gym membership is a good place to start, since it shows that even adults must participate in physical activity to stay healthy.

The family can even participate in nightly walks or jogging sessions as a chance to bond, or even purchase exercise equipment to keep in the home for everyone to use. It is great to help the teenager plan out a specialized workout plan to provide some structure, and it can include anything from jogging to lifting weights to trying out some of the many exercise DVDs that can be found at any movie stores.

There are all types of exercises that can be beneficial for both adults and teenagers, and encouraging your overweight teenager to give them a try is a great way to tackle obesity and prevent it from developing into serious health problems.
Being an overweight teenager can be very difficult, because of the stereotype our society places on overweight individuals. It is, however, the best time for someone to lose weight, since it is much easier to achieve at a younger age. It takes dedication and support from the entire family, but following a teenage diet plan can make an obese teenager happy and healthy in no time.