Spice Storage is Key to your Flavorful Recipes


Proper Spice Storage for the Home

Spice Storage is a topic I never thought about until I turned a season salt jar upside down and nothing came out, yes I could see the season salt but it wasn't moving.

Was the spice outdated?

Was it the temperature of the area it was stored?

Was there too much moisture in the storage area?

There are a number of reasons why this could have happened but I believe these are the top 3.

I'm not a great chef, I'm not a chef at all and my mindset is limited as I believe if it can't be done with the following spices or seasonings (pepper,season salt,garlic salt,cayenne pepper and onion salt) than it isn't worth it. No wonder I never thought or paid attention to spice storage. With so many spices,seasonings,and extracts offered in the local grocery store my seasoning list above is truly limited. But with the help of copycat recipes and international recipes I should be able to stock a variety of spices,herbs,sesonings,rubs,and extracts for our pantry.

Spice Storage Information

Herbs and Spices should be stored in air tight containers such as glass jars,plastic containers or tins.

Herbs can be stored for 6 months.

Herbs/Spice Blends can be stored for 1 year.

Spices,ground can be stored for 6 months.

Spices,whole can be stored for 1-2 years.

Vanilla Extract can be stored for 2 years.

All other extracts can be stored for 1 year.

The best storage temperature for spices is constant and below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Excessive moisture or humidity can cause your spices,seasonings,and herbs to clump up or stick together.

We have all seen spices in our cabinents that we have not used in quite some time, which after I finish this article will be thrown in the trash. If you are unsure of the date of purchase the seasoning or spice companies can let you know this information sometimes by the packaging or barcode on the product.

My suggestion to you if your spice game is not up to par, start out with one of the pre-filled spice storage racks as these will provide you with the basic spices. You can add spices during routine food shopping and add them to your pantry.

I told my wife that I want to buy 2 different spices every time we went food shopping. You can find spice,seasoning,herbs,and cut manufacturers shopping coupons found in the newspapers or surf for online coupon websites.

When You get your spices home make sure they are stored properly

Kamenstein 18-Jar Spice Rack

So make a list of the different spices or seasonings you would like to add to your cooking arsenal and gradually purchase them and take your tastebuds on a heavenly trip.