School Lunch Ideas


Preparing school lunches for your child can have some big advantages over mediocre School Lunch Programs.

A few advantages that come to mind are:

1) Often you can prepare the lunch cheaper at home.

2) You can offer healthier food options than the school The typical lunch will consist of some sort of main dish (sandwich/wrap/salad) one or two sides (snack/dessert)and a drink.

3) Catering to your child's taste buds.

If you've made the decision to pack your child's lunch, you need to come up with some ideas of the types of foods you will include in your child's lunchbag. Hopefully, your snack or dessert will be a Healthy Lunch Snack. When it comes to the main item in school lunches, sandwiches always work well.

Of course you have your lunchmeat and cheese sandwiches, tuna and chicken salads, or the all-time favorite, choke and slide sanwiches (peanut butter and jelly). Try changing up, instead of using 2 pieces of white bread, try a kaiser roll, pita bread, bagels or a tortilla to make a wrap. Bagels and pita pockets are also bread alternatives.

If you are going to pack a salad topped with lunchmeat, cheese or grilled chicken, you might want to pack the salad dressing in a separate container so the lettuce won't become soggy.

I didn't have access to a microwave in school, but then again, only a few of us had microwaves at home. If your child has access to a microwave at school, how about packing last night's leftovers in a microwaveable container with a tight fitting lid. Think about the money you could save.

Tupperware has a full line of microwaveable containers just for taking lunch to school and work.

Soup is also an option. With the variety of soups available, you are bound to find one your child will like. You don't need a microwaveable container for soups. A good thermos will keep this item hot until lunch time.

You may want to invest in an insulated water bottle to allow them to carry anything from water to juices.

Let's talk about transporting their lunch to school. If thery're just taking a sandwich and chips, sandwich bags are just fine. When it comes to paper lunchbags, by my previous comments, you can tell that I am against them.

There are a number of plastic lunchboxes which come with thermos and even sandwich containers. These lunchboxes keep the sanwiches, wraps, and chips from getting smashed and messy.

What you pack for your child's lunch and how you send them to school can be determined by keeping in mind their particular tastes, the child's age, and the convenience.

Just because they are taking their lunch to school doesn't mean that the meals have to be boring. Give your kids some variety, and they might just end up being the envy of all of the kids at the lunchroom table.