Save Money Part 1 Food Coupons


I personally believe that there are not too many things that make us feel better than saving money. Honestly with the economy, rising costs of oil, the adjustable mortgage scam, natural disasters, you have to come up with a way to save money.

You definitely can't get around those must be paid expenses i.e. rent, mortgage,utilities, and taxes. But items such as food, clothing, dining out, are definietely areas that can be addressed.

We'll concentrate on savings in the food category, as I have had some success in this area. First and Foremost you need to be disciplined, try to make it a rule that you will;

1) Come up with a reasonable food budget and stick to it.

2) Sit down and check the Local weekly circulars and advertisements.

3) Always have your manufacturer food coupons ready before you go grocery shopping.

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When it comes to local circulars, I remember in the past (about 3 years ago), the local circulars on my steps would end up in the trash. Now we have to make sure our neighbors don't swipe ours by mistake (Yer Right),

Now you know that when the economy is tough it breeds competition which makes retailers and manufacturers fight for our spending dollar. Supermarkets know that right now your number 1 concern is stretching your dollar. So you are thirlled with the Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers, and it is your intention to take full advantage of the offers probably more than once. But would't you feel better if you had some coupons to go along with this deal? I call that the Bonus Round!!!!

I realize that it is kind of tedius cutting out coupons and organizing them. But I see nothing tedious about looking at the cash register receipt and knowing that I will see nothing less than $20 in savings.

The coupon game is much more than the Sunday paper and local circulars. There are a number of online coupon clubs, some free and some which come with a small fee. Manufacturers even have their own online clubs and send you everything from great recipes to great saving coupons and all you have to do is sign up. There are a number of companies that provide great coupon organizers, not the accordian type, but well detailed, efficient shopping tools.

Save Money Pt II (Winning the Credit Card Battle)

With all of these great savings opportunities at your finger tips. Take an hour or two and develop your own shopping plan or ritual. If it is to map out a supermarket "stop and shop" routine, join a coupon savings club or just get the family around the kitchen table for a coupon clipping party. Yeah the kids might think if is corny, but thell them that once in awhile , you will use the savings to treat them and see their attitude change.

Well start out with a few of these food shopping tips and see how you can immediately start saving money. Look out for my next savings article about credit card and personal loan interest rates. Take care and have Fun saving Money!!!!