If you don't own or use a pressure cooker, once you learn how easy pressure cooking can be and how delicious your foods turn out, you will either dust yours off or hurry out to purchase one. Preparing foods in a pressure cooker is faster than traditional baking or cooking and your foods tend to retain more of their nutrients.

How does pressure cooker work?

Pressure cooking is a method of cooking where steam is sealed in a special metal airtight pot. The vapor from the liquid (broth, stock, water, brandy or wine) rises and it's captured in the pressure cooker when it is sealed. This then rises the pressure in the cooker as well as the temperature of the liquid.

Increased pressure and temperature speeds up the cooking time by infusing hot steam into the food. Using a pressure cooker can speed up cooking times up to 1/3 or more and is often 10 times quicker than traditional cooking. When comparing this method of cooking to microwave cooing, cooking to microwave cooing, foods taste better and foods cook in a significantly shorter time.

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The higher the PSIS = Shorter cooking time,

The tricky thing is that pressure cookers come in a variety pressures so be sure to use the right amount of cooking time for the amount of pressure for your cooker. The highest pressure is PSI, (15lbs per sq inch), if your pressure cooker has a lower PSI than you may have to increase your cooking time by 12 to 15 percent depending on your recipe. The majority of pressure cooking recipes use 15 PSI in reference to cooking times.

When the pressure selector on a modern pressure cooker is set at max (15 PSI)it is safely under a pressure of 15 lbs per square inch. To give you an idea of what 15 PSI relates to it is about 1/2 the pressure of a car tire, it's not much but enough to greatly reduce the cooking time of your food. The temperature inside the cooker in increased to a temperature which a normal stove top cooking pot could not reach.

The steam pressure inside the pressure cooker cooks food much make rapidly than boiling or baking. Although microwaves cook fast, the texture of the food is normally rubbery or soggy. Another good quality of pressure cooking food is that the nutrients of the food is preserved. Meats are juicy and tender, vegetables melt in your mouth and desserts are very tasty. Pressure cooked foods also retain their vitamins unlike boiled and baked foods.

So consider pressure cooking your foods, give it a try, save a lo of time, and see what your family says.