The Pantry Beetle can wreak Havoc on your well stocked Pantry


Having a well stocked pantry can attract the Pantry Beetle and Pantry bugs. Nothing can destroy a nicely planned meal by finding that your most important ingredient is infested with Pantry Beetles.

I have found the Indian Meal Moth in my corn meal just as I was about to fry some fish. Of course the package was not properly sealed and I found out that a moth could lay as many as 200 larvae.

I recently found out that there are about 9 types of common moths and beetles. It's bad enough you have to deal with ants and other critters sometimes. Use pantry bug traps if necessary and take a look at the chart below.

Bugs in Your Cupboards

If contamination is found of course dispose of the contaminated product. Clean the area properly and possibly spray with a pesticide. You definitely need to move any food products in this area before doing so.

Remember to always use airtight containers or canisters for future purchases to keep your food safe.