Online Coupons


Online coupons provide discounts and promotions that will blow your mind. Technology has afforded us the ability to shop on the worldwide web 24/7 and to save money that we wouldn't have been able to at our local grocery stores, department stores, and retailers. Before you can go out to shop, learn how to take advantage of online coupons.

Online coupons are not like paper coupons you find in magazines and newspapers. Online stores can't scan your coupon like they do in the checkout line at the grocery store. On your online coupon, you normally see a picture of the coupon that has a bolded code made up of letters and numbers at the bottom. You use this code on the retailer's website.

Some websites refer to this code as a coupon code or promotional code. Basically, they are the same, as they provide a discount, a coupon code (promo code) is used at the checkout stage of your online transaction, just like any local store.

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But, the real question is where do you find these codes? Stores don't advertise this information, but there are hundreds of websites that list coupon codes for a number of popular stores. These sites keep current discount code information, saving you substantial time looking for coupon codes.

When I receive an email from a retailer to shop on their website and see something I like, I always research a coupon site to see if they are have any online coupons listed. An online consumer can hit the jackpot with coupon codes like the following:

1) Free shipping on any order/selected items

2) Buy one, get one at 50% off

3) Fifteen percent off entire order

Like any other coupon, online coupons expire, and they too, come with fine print; so, make sure you review the coupon code or you'll be sitting in front of your computer clicking for nothing.

Some coupons come in the form of "links." These links normally send you directly to the item that is under promotion with the retailer website. A coupon code is not necessary as the discount is normally reflected in the checkout stage of your purchase. Before you complete your transaction online, double-check to make sure your received your discount.

When using online coupons, you don't have to worry about the crowds, cashiers with attitudes, or leaving the comforts of home. Because of computers, vast inventory, usually, you can find a deal online that can't be found in your local store.

It might take you some time to find some online coupons, but it will be worth it in the end, $$$$$$.