Microwave Cooking, the New Kitchen Countertop Chef


Microwave cooking is more popular and interesting as ever. Cooking in the microwave never actually thought of as a respectable cooking method. The microwave was always thought of as a way to prepare ramen noodles,frozen dinners,defrosting meats and reheating leftovers. A lot of us don't realize that you can actually cook great recipes from scratch in the microwave.

For years I have been using the Tupperware Microwave Stackable Cooker, to cook meats,rice,and vegetables all within 30 minutes. It is surely a lifesaver when arriving home late and exhausted after a rough day at the office. Some of my best bbq chicken dishes were fixed in this microwave cooking tool.

New microwave products are popping up all over the place as most families have 2 working parents who just don't have the time with work and busy family schedules. One new product is the Cook-Zen a micro cooking pot which was made specifically for making great microwave meals. The Cook-Zen comes with a cookbook filled with health Japenese recipes, this product was developed to change peoples attitudes about cooking in the microwave. This product would be good for those who are constantly on the go, as most of these recipes are prepared in 10 minutes or less.

There are a number of microwavable cooking pots on the market, however there are other options for microwave cooking.

Ziploc has developed a Zip and Steam bag while Glad offers SimplyCooking microwave steaming bags. These bags won't melt and the best thing is there are no dishes to wash later on.

I believe that microwave pots and microwave trays along with other kitchen gadgets will cut your cooking time and provide you and your family more time for enjoyable activities.

Remember don't limit your microwave experience to the 4 minute microwave popcorn bag.