Lunch Meat Storage is the key to fresh Subs,Deli Sandwiches,and Hoagies


Keep your Lunch Meat and Deli Coldcuts Fresh

What do you use for lunch meat storage? The newer refrigerators have a cute little temperature controlled compartment for your deli products.

But you can't just slap your lunch meat in the compartment without some type of covering or container, this is also true for your cheeses and garnishes (onions,tomatoes,and whole pickles).

When purchasing lunch meat I usually buy 3 lbs. of assorted meats and a lb of american cheese. Unless you will be eating this in one setting it would be ill advised to leave these items in the plastic wrap when given to you at the deli counter. You don't have to ask why you already know, certain lunch meats don't survive very well in plastic wrap. Like the turkey breast that you paid $4-$5 a lb gets that slimy film on it and although you bought it 2 days ago it doesn't look anything like the day when it was freshly sliced. Your bologna gets that white look to it and oh no not the greenish tint on the roast beef.

Tupperware Deli Keeper

Lunch meat lasts 5 days

Pre-packaged Lunch Meat lasts 4-6 days

Don't Use a Plain Lunch Bag For Work or School it's Not Safe

Great School Lunch Ideas

Proper storage can help extend this timeline a little bit. The one thing about using aluminum foil and saran wrap is worthwhile if your children and family members will properly re-wrap the deli meat after they make their sandwich. Unless they are in a hurry to get back to their friends outside, or the adult family member just doesn't understand the importance of proper food storage. Or with the aluminum foil hearing someone say "I didn't know the deli meat was in that aluminum foil, but it sure smells bad now."

There are a number of manufacturers with air tight food containers especially made for lunch meat storage for your purchases.

Well we did mention cheese and we are all aware with trying to separate a slice of cheese from a lb block, because it got moist and is sticking together. Why not get a separate container for your cheese products? And don't forget the leftover onions and tomatoes.

Tupperware Forget Me Not an Ingenious solution for storing in the front of the fridge

Preserve your lunch meat and money by investing in adequate lunch meat storage containers. Gotta to Go I have to make a Philly Italian Hoagie!!