Don't Use a Plain Lunch Bag For Work or School it's Not Safe


Lunch bags are not only made of brown paper any more

If you are taking leftovers or a freshly made sandwich what type of lunch bag or container do you use? Yes you always save a lot of money by taking your lunch to work or preparing lunch for your children for school.

Saving money is one thing but food safety is an important issue and as usual Food Storage Info is going to provide you with some important information and some solutions.

Well your lunch needs to be taken from your home to work or school, it also needs to be stored properly to insure freshness and dismiss any Food Health concerns.

I remember growing up and my mother fixing my lunch, putting it in a paper bag and sending me off to school. Most of my lunches consisted of leftovers or a lunchmeat sandwich with cheese a healthy splatter of Mayo (the way I liked it then and love it now), a bag of chips, and a juice or soda. When I got to school I would place my lunch bag in my desk at 8:30 AM and couldn't wait until 12:15 PM for the lunch bell to ring. If I was lucky I could sneak a chip or two without the teacher noticing.

Oh I forgot to tell you there was no refrigerator in my classroom let alone my desk and of course I couldn't use the refrigerator in the teachers lounge as that was definitely off limits.

But being a child and not knowing any better when I pulled out that slightly greasy lunch bag in the caferteria, it was the best soggy tasting sandwich in the world. Was it safe and were there that many options?

Eventually I moved up the the infamous metal lunch box, with my favorite cartoon character or sports image on it. This was not much better with the exception of the thermos. And of course all was over when I reached High School as it was definitely geeky to bring your lunch although there was no nutritional food to be found in a High School caferteria. So basically you would hold on to your money until the end of the day and hit up the fast food restaurant after school.

Now there are so many options to help us transport or lunch to school or work. We know have air tight lunch containers,ice packs to keep food cool,and lightweight,conveinient,thermal lunch boxes or bags that don't get soggy when it rains.

Chef Jamie Oliver can tell You how to Pack a Healthy School Lunch

Frugal Lunch Ideas

Healthy Lunchbox Solutions has a number of insulated lunch totes,coolers,and picnic sets.

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Tupperware has some great Lunch Container Solutions.

As adults working in an office enviornment there are normally refrigerators available for storing lunch. If you are working outdoors there is no refrigerator but with the new lunch storage products you can eat a safe lunch.

We suggest you purchase a lunch container with air tight storage containers instead of repurchasing paper lunch bags,saran wrap,aluminum foil over and over again. You purchase this item once and save money over the long haul. Also you will probably save money by not having to go to the doctor for that stomach ache.