Lettuce Variety


Think salad ... Think Iceberg lettuce. Try thinking of another lettuce variety. Most salads, let's say, about 90 start with a crisp, green lettuce. What kind of greens do you like in your salad?

Using different types of lettuce can help in making the perfect salad. Building the perfect salad may take a little time as you work from the bottom up and all the fixings need to compliment one another.

We're going to list a few lettuce types and describe their characteristics. Don't get stuck on just Iceberg lettuce, it would be like getting stuck on Flank steak when there's Filet Mignon and Sirloin to be had.

Iceberg lettuce is the most common and easiest lettuce to find. Most restaurants use this lettuce, although, it doesn't have much of a taste you wouldn't notice since you normally top it with so many ingredients.

Bibb Lettuce is slightly sweet and has a light green color. You will notice that a lot of salad recipes use Bibb lettuce as a bedding for chicken or tuna salads as well as fruit salads.

Romane Lettuce, as you'll see, is used in the delicious Caesar salad. It costs a little more than Iceberg lettuce, and it has long leaves and a fibrous spine, which runs the entire length of each leaf.

Frisee Lettuce is a bitter lettuce which is often found in mixed greens. It is often mxed with Meslun, which is also bitter. This lettuce has a medium green appearance with long and ragged leaves. It looks as if a rabbit was eating it before it made it to the produce section of your grocery store.

Spinach just tastes great! Because of its brilliant green color, antioxidants are found in these darker colored leaves. Beta Carotene is plentiful in Spinach and can help ward off radicals in the body.

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Radicchio Lettuce looks like cabbage. The leaves are long like lettuce but have the color and texture like cabbage. The lettuce is read and purple with a white spine. It is bitter and works better when mixed with other types of lettuce.

Endive is a Belgian variety of lettuce. The leaves are dark green, short, and tend to curl. It is mild in taste and a great addition to any salad.

These are just a few that you can mix and match and experiment with. Try something different the next time you prepare a salad. You might just get the right combination yet.