Lettuce Storage Tips


Follow these lettuce storage tips to keep your lettuce fresh and crispy. Have you ever craved for a fresh salad, opened the refrigerator door to only find 3-day old lettuce which is only brown and wilted?

We will provide you with some lettuce tips so your next craving won't be a disappointment.

Lettuce prices are currently rising when it's not properly stored it usually ends up in the trash, which happens quite frequently. It doesn't matter if you buy bagged lettuce or buy the head. It just doesn't seem to last long. Lettuce varieties seem to stay fresher longer than others, but the concensus is that lettuce purchased in head form lasts longer thas bagged salad. Sometimes when purchasing bag salad it seeems as if the edges are already brown before you get it home.

Fruit and Vegetable Storage

Iceberg Lettuce is only one of a few Lettuce Varieties

Although grocery stores wash their produce to keep them hydrated, but it is unpractical at home; therefore, lettuce is better off stored dry.

Make sure you rinse your lettuce before storing. Using a paper towel to dry off the leaves before placing them in the proper food container.

You can sotre your lettuce in a dry, sealable plastic bag. Condensation will gather on the inside of the bag, so you might want to line the bag with paper towels before adfding the dry lettuce for about a week.

Most refrigerators have a crispter tray. It is only logical to keep your green vegetables stored there.

High Efficiency Refrigerators have controls which you can set. We suggest that you keep the temperature in the middle of the scale and adjust the humidity setting to low.

The more humidity inside your refrigerator, the better chance of the lettuce leaves acquiring moisture, which is not good. If you leave the thermostat on high, you're lettuce might freeze, causing the leaves to become mushy and translucent.

Always store your sald fixings in separate containers. That way, friends and guests can select their own vegetable choices and when moisture or juices from vegetables and dressings tend to make a once crisp salad soggy.

By storing your letter properly, you can have a fresh salad at anytime without getting a soggy surprise.