Lettuce Nutritional Value


Lettuce nutritional value for many years has received a bad rap. This is because people are limiting they're choice to one or two varieties of lettuce without considering other types of lettuce with more nutriional value. There are in fact generally fives types of lettuce one will want to look at when trying to determine if the lettuce nutritional value is worth adding to their diet.

There are actually many lettuce nutrition facts that people will overlook as they are used to the common lettuce types presented to them in the local grocery favorite,Iceberg that is.

The next most common form of lettuce is romaine or cos. This is a lettuce that is that will have either dark red or green leaves and is crisp and firm.

Red leaf lettuce is another common form of lettuce, it comes in larger leaves on a stalk and is usually green with red frilly edges.
These are the most common types of lettuce and all have a certain level of nutrition and benefits to add to your diet. The biggest thing you will get out lettuce nutritional value is vitamin A. This is the vitamin that is believed to aid in protection against some forms of cancer. There is also a good amount of beta carotene in lettuce. The darker the lettuce the higher the levels of beta carotene which the human body converts to vitamin A. So in essence, you would be getting a double dose of a good thing and not actually feeling under nourished.

There is a small amount of dietary fiber in a serving of lettuce as well. It is a little more than one gram, but this will help in digestion and in keeping things regular. The amount and the types of lettuce you eat will provide more or less dietary fiber depending on the amount eaten and how often one is eating a salad with these types of lettuce.

Amazingly, one thing that people may overlook and in many cases be surprised by is the fact that there is protein in lettuce as well. It is usually in the range of one gram, but there is protein in the food nonetheless.

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Lettuce will also carry a good amount of vitamin C in it as well which some believe is a cure all for many different ailments. It is usually about 13 mg. But one would say that is good for something that is not supposed to contain any value.

Lettuce will even contain some calcium as well. it is in the range of 20 mg and in many cases this is beneficial for people who will not or cannot drink milk. This is because calcium is integral for bone stability.

Lettuce also contains potassium and iron as well to add to the nutritional value of lettuce. It is a much higher level of potassium, which helps in water movement in your body and to keep the blood flowing.

One thing people will not really believe that in all of the lettuce nutrition facts they will find that it even has a trace of fat.

Lettuce is not a bad choice when it comes to choosing a vegetable for your dinner, or even if you would like to make it the entrée. Lettuce nutritional value is available if it is consumed with the other foods, it can be very beneficial nutrient in any family meal.