Leftover Recipe Magic for the Home


Leftover Recipe Magic is what we use to stretch our food budget and entertain the taste buds in my Family. What do You do when a meal is finished? What happens to your leftovers? or do they sit in the refrigerator until they start to smell and you finally throw them out? Wouldn’t it be better if you had perfected leftover recipes at your finger tips for these dishes? Quick and reliable recipes that you can make in no time while also satisfying your family.

Some people won’t even consider eating leftovers while others wouldn’t dare think of wasting food. My Family and I like eating a different food each day as we quickly get tired of eating the same thing over and over. Here’s a way to fix the problem if you or someone in your family is the same way. Let’s start with some simple Leftover Recipe Magic meals.

You prepare your famous roasted pork loin and rice for dinner one night. So instead of putting the leftovers in the refrigerator to be found next week in time for trash day, let’s do something to keep that pork loin from going to waste.

Let’s give that pork loin some Asian flair, so chop that pork loin up into bite size pieces pull out your large skillet or wok. Put a little oil in the pan take out your leftover rice, a frozen bag of veggies or fresh veggies, an egg and your chopped up pork loin and a splash of soy sauce and you have Chinese fast food takeout. Do you consciously make an effor tto eat them the next day or take them for lunch

Leftovers into Lunches

Turn Leftovers into Great Salads

If you have hamburgers left from dinner, chop them up until they resemble ground beef again you can add some red beans, chopped peppers ,tomatoes, ,sauce and chilli seasoning to create a delicious pot of chili. If you have the imagination, there are an unlimited number of possibilities of what you can do with meats and side dishes from a previous night’s dinner.

I’ve taken leftover Holiday servings of macaroni and cheese added hamburger, onions, and tomato sauce and created some hamburger Mac and Cheese ( the kids love it).

There are a number of resources for leftover recipes in books, magazine subscriptions, and online, so there is no excuse not to have a number of family recipes developed from leftover recipes for your home.

Using a little creativity can make one meal last for two,three,or even four more days. But, you don’t have to eat it all in the same week. Of course no one wants to eat this meal in a four day stretch that’s why they make freezers, freeze some for another day. This will save you time especially for those crazy days at work when you just want to go home and relax.

Your family will be amazed at your ability to transform any meal into a new creation they will enjoy. Just think of the money that will be saved by stretching your food budget and cutting down on waste.