5 Top Kitchen Staples

Having useful kitchen staples in the cabinent or pantry have alwasys helped Families get by no matter how lean times have looked (times actually look lean now). I could never remember when my Grandparents, Great Uncles or Aunts ever concerned with feeding the family at least I never noticed it.

We visit the supermarket every week or other week spending hundreds of dollars but it doesn't seem that our cupboards stay full as our Grand and Great relatives. So we wonder what their secret is in fact it isn’t a secret at all. It is actually good planning and preparation on their part.

Once we begin to practice planning,preparation, and saving we too will see our food and dollars stretch further.

The items that we have on hand determine how long our food will last. Filling your cabinets or pantry with a few useful staples can be the difference between a trip to the grocery store each and every week versus once or twice a month. Stocking these 5 Kitchen Staples are all you need to create wonderful meals.

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1.Flour. Flour is a starter item for many recipes and one of the most used kitchen staples in the household. You can add it to some water and meat drippings to make gravy for many meat dishes. Flour is used to make bread (biscuits, rolls, loaves) and also used to coat poultry, pork, and seafood for frying. It can also be used for baking all types of cakes,cookies, and scrumptious desserts.

2.Rice. My Father-in-law loved rice so much that if my mother in law said there was no food in the house he would respond "If there's no rice in the house my name isn't Herbert Murray". Rice is considered a side dish, but it doesn’t have to be plain. It can be combined with with stir fryed veggies to accompany dinner. Rice is great for leftover meals as it can be used with leftover meat and a cream soup to form a casserole, and desserts like sweet rice and rice pudding. Rice can also be mixed . Rice has many uses and your sure to find a few that your family will love.
3.Pasta. There are many different pasta choices and all have great uses. Manicotti an Italian dish can be stuffed with tomato sauce and cheeses. Macaroni can be used to make a creamy salad and also is great combined with hamburger,cheese and spaghetti sauce for some Hamburger Mac and cheese. Spiral pasta is used in many different pasta salads our favorite being a seafood pasta salad. Spaghetti can be used in a casserole topped with cheese or in the traditional way with tomato sauce and meat. These types of dishes are a favorite with the kids.

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4.Spices. There are other ways to season food besides salt and pepper. Do yourself a favor and expand your spice inventory. In fact, many spices taste better and are better for you than salt. Even diehard salt-a-holics won’t miss the salt in foods when other seasonings are used. Cayenne pepper, chili powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, oregano, and garlic powder are all useful tools in your flavor arsenal to give foods a fresh new taste. Spice storage is an important part in keeping your spices fresh and your recipes exciting.

5.Beans. No one wants to admit but beans are the best. Beans can top your salad (edamame), make an awesome dip (black beans), and go well with grilled foods (baked beans). They provide a good source of protein with very little fat. Beans are great in soups, stews, and over rice for a simple yet filling meal.

Do you have these 5 Kitchen Staples? You can probably think of several more that will enhance your pantry, save money, and help in your meal preparation. Start with these and grow your personalized list of basic kitchen staples that are versatile and economical.