Join Jamie Oliver and Fight Childhood Obesity with the Food Revolution


Jamie Oliver is a very well respected professional chef and now he is putting his name into a cause that is very dear to his heart, The Food Revolution.

Jamie Oliver's cooking is known for incorporating a certain simplicity and basic style, but it still has a great deal of artistry and cooking talent involved. More importantly his food is also happily healthy and extremely tasty. This is why he is the perfect chef to take up the crusade against the national problem of obesity in children.

Now he is attempting to do his part to fight childhood obesity and promote the love of healthy, dynamic cooking with the Food Revolution. This revolution is taking shape in the US right now and already there are more than 500,000 individuals who have signed Jamie's Food Revolution Petition to support and promote this worthwhile cause. This number is growing daily and there are supporters that have signed up in each of the 50 states.

The Food Revolution is aimed at changing the way foods are prepared and served in schools across the US. With childhood obesity already being described as having reached "epidemic proportions" there is no better way to do battle than meeting the problem head on. Jamie Oliver knows that the best way to develop healthy eating habits is to begin early in life. Children should be introduced to vegetables in their "whole form" instead of being served salty, canned foodstuff day in and day out. Some kids do not even realize that corn does not naturally grown in the form of little individual "niblets" because they have never been served an ear of fresh, steamed corn straight from the garden.

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As part of Jamie's Food Revolution schools are being asked to rethink the foods they are providing to children. Instead of sodas, chips,candy in vending machines and fast food Jaime is promoting that the schools have fresh salads, 100% fruit juice, vegetables and fresh fruit available.

School dieticians are happy to have the chance to put their skills to a true test with the opportunity to design some creative and interesting meal plans for students. This means incorporating more natural, organic foods in each meal. Kids will be served whole wheat bread instead of sugary, high carb white bread and vegetables will be prepared in more taste tempting ways.

When you want people to enjoy the recipes that you are creating Jamie Oliver is well aware that you have to pay attention to the basics. This means your cooking techniques must be "spot on" but they must also be adaptable by millions of others.

Your ingredients must be fresh and you have to determine how to incorporate them into a recipe or meal without sacrificing their delicious, natural goodness.

This is especially true when it comes to children because kids have strong, very pronounced palates. Certain flavors seem exceptionally powerful to them, especially items such as zucchini, broccoli and fish. If you don't cook these in the proper manner the stronger tastes can overwhelm the taste buds of a younger child and they can turn against the food they sampled.

Jamie Oliver knows that most people make the mistake of overcooking vegetables until they end up with soggy, bland mush instead of crisp, vibrantly colored veggies. They also are unaware of how to properly prepare and season fish and other seafood. Food has to be cooked and served in an appetizing manner and people must be introduced to different flavors and ideas gradually.

This gives children a perfect excuse for turning up their noses whenever a healthy meal is set before them. Who would want to eat food that does not look appetizing and has lost all freshness and beauty?

Almost every parent has had an occasion when their child will whine, complain or ignore certain foods that they should be eating. School cafeteria workers see this happen almost on a daily occurrence. This is one reason so many schools began adopting the foods of preference that kids preferred to eat such as pizza,chicken wings and french fries.

Then later in the day the kids will "chow down" for additional calories on greasy potato chips, fried snack foods, candy and sodas that they purchase at canteens, convenience stores or vending machines. Is there any wonder that childhood obesity has gotten far out of hand?

Jamie Oliver knows how to reach children and adults with his healthy cooking ideas and whole hearted love of fresh, wholesome foods. Part of his Food Revolution includes teaching and sharing tips, recipes and ideas about cooking techniques and proper food selection. Parents, kids, dieticians and school cafeteria workers all have the unique opportunity to learn from one of the world's top chefs, and even better, they will all become healthier as they unite against the common problem of childhood obesity.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution hopes to change the dietary habits of kids in the US where childhood obesity is already a national concern. Instead of having children run to the fridge or snack machines for unhealthy processed foods and sweets he wants to instill in them the desire to eat and cook healthy foods. Of course many children eat lunch, breakfast and snacks at their school which means this is a perfect place to begin the re-education process regarding proper, healthy eating habits.

This is a tall order but Jamie Oliver is devoting himself to the task at hand and he is being joined by others who are supporting this worthy goal. Parents, national lawmakers and school officials are all getting in on Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution and you can too. Check out the internet to get more information about Jamie Oliver and this newest program that is devoted to the health of children everywhere.