Interesting facts about Culinary Arts

There are a number of interesting facts about culinary arts that many people may not be aware of even if they are members of the culinary arts industry themselves. Culinary art are relatively new previously things were done by taste and recipes were passed down from either master to apprentice or parent to child.

There was no formalized training for culinary arts.

That changed in America when the Boston Cooking School opened. While this did not seem incredibly noteworthy in and of itself it did produce a student who revolutionized cooking with her cooking in 1896 which presented the importance of measuring and following a recipe accurately when it came to ingredients her name was Fannie Farmer and her work is still in publication today.

The need for formalized information with regards to cooking became needed and 1929 saw the founding of the American Culinary Federation. One of the other interesting facts about culinary arts is the fact that the first televised broadcasts of a cooking show began in 1946 with James Beard. 1946 also saw the first formal institution for people interested in becoming chefs it was named rather originally as the Culinary Institute of America.

The culinary scene was relatively quiet until the 1960s when Julia Child entered the scene with her 1963 show French Chef. She quickly became an industry standard and her works are still considered as such to this day.

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Just about everyone has heard of Johnson and Wales University one of the other interesting facts about culinary arts is that its college opened in 1973, it also became the largest food service educator in the US and it was the first to offer a BS in culinary arts starting in 1993.

Before the opening of the Culinary Institute of American Cooking careers where accomplished through apprenticeship programs with that in mind The American Culinary Federation Educational Institute with the help of government funding began in 1976 incorporating apprenticeship programs in order to create the opportunity for on the job training.

It does not stop there the culinary arts field has taken off and schools offering programs became officially recognized with the ACEFI began its accrediting commission in 1986 and was officially listed by the Department of Education in 1990 currently there are approximately 90 schools which maintain accreditations in culinary arts.

People who go to culinary arts programs do not just become chefs. Culinary arts is more than just cooking that is one of the interesting facts about culinary arts, it incorporates a wide range of things.

In fact, culinary programs usually provide classes in business and restaurant management. This is important because culinary arts being one of the fastest growing sectors is seeing a lot of changes. People do not just want meals they want a variety that constantly changes and they want it quickly while still having it be nutritious. This is why culinary arts programs are also adding nutritional classes as well as classes on presentation. Culinary arts does not just about taste good, it is about looking good too.

Another one of the interesting facts about culinary arts is that not only does it not only deal with food, and food presentation, restaurant management, financing and even standard Human resource skills you will also learn about wines, different cuisines, and how to set a table.

In cooking, timing is everything and making sure that your food comes out when it is suppose to the way it is suppose to be something that amazes many people when it comes to interesting facts about culinary arts.

Culinary arts is no longer just, what you learned from your parents. It is no longer just what you put together a pinch of this and a pat of that. It is an entire culture revolving around the creation of excellent food. Nutrition is important and as the saying goes, many people eat with their eyes so presentation is a must. Many times chefs either own their own restaurants these days or they are in charge all the kitchen finances.

This means that you can not just learn about cooking when you learn about culinary arts. There are plenty of interesting facts about culinary arts that can amaze you. You may be surprised at how new it is, or how much is involved. Cooking is more than just throwing ingredients in a pan and letting it cook. There are many other aspects that go into presenting not only a healthy dish but one that looks good as well.