Proper Hand Washing Techniques can effect Food Storage and Food Safety


"Proper Hand Washing Techniques help keep it Clean"

Proper Hand Washing Techniques can effect Food Storage and Food Safety. We know you’re sitting back and wondering why we are bringing up a topic that everyone should know and practice. We don’t think that there is a topic that ties into Food Storage, Safety, and Preparation more than proper hand washing.

We’ve been in situations when a person who has bought food to a gathering and wonder why no one is eating their food. Well if we noticed that every time you went to the restroom there was never any running water sound when you exited, you would know why you had to eat your own food. We’re not trying to be mean or judgemental but at the same time we don’t want to get sick and pass germs onto others.

My brother God Rest His Soul always had this joke about when he went to a club he would watch a pretty lady come out of the bathroom and if her hands weren’t moist he would search for another pretty lady instead.

After researching information on the internet, we noticed that in reference to Food Safety that Hand Washing was major, there are many websites both government, health, and private that make a great effort in educating people about the importance of this easy but sometimes ignored practice. When placing “hand washing” in the Google search engine it had 1,160,000, results listed, and of course you have the CDC and , with their websites but you would be surprised by all of the other websites reporting and are concerned about public awareness regarding hand washing.

To properly wash hands you should rub wet, soapy hands together outside the stream of running water for at least 20 seconds, before rinsing thoroughly and then drying with a clean or disposable towel. After drying a dry paper towel should be used to turn off water and open exit door. If you’ve noticed a lot of large venues don’t have doors anymore as you walk around a wall without any door.

It’s easy for us to tell our young children about the importance of hand washing but we stumbled across a website which even has a video which we found to be very informative.

Check out Henry the Hand Champion Handwasher at as they provide the 4 principles of Hand Washing Awareness.

Just to let you know how the neglecting of washing hands effects us is the lost of productive time as food borne illnesses caused 22 million absent days from school and 4 billion sick days.

National Handwashing Awareness Week is the first full week of December each year

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