Fun Family Frugal Outings


When referring to "priceless" as a credit card, camping would say, "There is nothing more priceless than time spent with the family".

Luckily, there are inexpensive alternatives to pricy family outings. Here's an opportunity to have just as much fun without breaking the bank.

Music and Movies - Kids love to see the latest movies. Even if you go to the movies once a month it can cost a few dollars. There are not a many of them left around, but, a drive - in movie can save you a substantial amount of money. Usually admission is cheaper and you can bring your own snacks and drinks.

If you don't have a drive-in in your area, make sure to catch a matinee or special discount days at local theatres. The major movie theatres corporate offices offer movie tickets by mail or online. The only downfall is that you might not be able to use the tickets in the first week of a newly released movie or on a holiday.

Kids and grown ups like to attend concerts but tickets normally start at $35 and up, you can always try winning the tickets online or thru local radio program promotions. With the media industry always trying to make money anyway they can , it is almost guaranteed that if an entertainer or band is famous they should have a live performance DVD available.

Try a little research and I'm sure you'll find something (maybe you could rent it). Have your son or daughter's friends come over for a concert party with some snacks and I'm sure they'll have a great time.

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The Great Outdoors - The outdoors offers many options for family outings.

Camping can provide great activities for your family without having your pockets look like rabbit ears (turned inside out, empty). You can either pitch a tent, rent a small camper, or rent space at a campground. You cam make it a road trip or spend a weekend in the wilderness. Bring the grill and cook a couple of simple foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, or make some fish at the stocked campground pond (grilled fish is pretty simple, cleaning it isn't fun).

Local parks are great for day trips. Parks with playground equipment will keep the small ones busy for hours on end. Biking and hiking trails offer opportunities for excessive and exploration. Most parks have picnic tables and small grills so you can cook up a little BBQ, instead of eating fast food.

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A few more ideas

There inexpensive ideas are worth a try:

Playing Miniature golf - It usually is reasonably priced and very relaxing. It's a chance to have some fun family competition. My 15-year old son and I played and had a blast.

Visit a Petting Zoo - If you have small children they will love petting these docille creatures. Bring your digital camera for photos that more than likely end up in a frame after printed. After having a great time, make sure everyone washes their hands as Ecoli and other bacteria could be present.

Visit a museum - A lot of museums offer discounted entry fees or even free admission every once in awhile. The larger and more popular museums may be a little more expensive but they do provide season passes at substantial savings.

Local College Events - Attend local college events and festivals. You can catch plays, concerts, movie showings, dance performances, and many other cultural activities. Prices are normally low and children and young adults are usually offered the student discount.

One thing for sure is that you don't need to have a six figure income to have family fun. If you do a little research, you will find lots of free or almost free activities for your family to enjoy.