Kid Vacation Destinations

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All travel destinations wish to be considered as friendly kid vacation destinations, but here's a short list of places you will be definitely pleased with.

Disney World - We went to Disney World over 10 years ago, and my kids still remember and cherish the trip. At ages 21 and 15, they actually talk about going back. This is the ultimate family vacation that brings joy to adult and children alike.

You can choose to stay at a hotel or resort outside of Orlando or in the onsite amenities, whichever way you go; there are an endless array of activities designed for the entire family.

Family Fun Destinations

Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch - These ranches are located from Alaska to Wyoming, There are a number of dude ranches perfect for a family vacation. One of the more popular ranches is the Sylvan Guest Ranch in Colorado, which is about 20 miles from Rock National Park. Activities include Hay rides, Horse Riding, Hiking, and many more outdoor activities.

The Dude Ranch is great for families that already enjoy the outdoors or want to experience Historic sites like Ft. Collins, Old West Museum, and Cheyenne for a different experience.

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Hawaii - Oahu has always been a popular Hawaiian vacation spot, but it's Maui that attracts the majority of family vacationers. Whale watching (when in season) along with the Maui Ocean Coter which provides an aquatic adventure only aqua man could surpass.

New York - New York is probably one of the most exciting vacation spots ever. There is something for every famiy member inm the "Big Apple." From Broadway to the Rockefeller Center. There are many events and venues to attend.

Top Destinations - New York

At Radio Hall, Madison Square Garden, The Village, and Various Shopping districts.

You can see what glitters on Fifth Avenue, take a tour of NBC Studios (the kids might prefer MTV) or take a casual stroll in Central Park and visit the Zoo.

I remember on one visit to New York to see an old army buddy while in Manhattan we saw a float (no parade) with Bon Jovi and his band playing in the middle of traffic. My buddy always told me "You can see anything in New York."

Las Vegas - You can do more in Sin City than gamble and get married. The city that never sleeps offers a wide range of activities for the young and old. Las Vegas rates as one of the family destinations in the U.S. today. It has become more affordable because of out of state competition, which means great hotel packages and meal offers to fit any budget.

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There are many attractions for your which include but are not limited to; the Lion habitat at MGM, Game Works (a video game extravaganza), Sports Park, Circus Circus (inside amusement park), Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel, Shark Reef, Children Museum, and Adventure's Dome, the largest theme park in the USA.

These Top 5 Kid Friendly Distinations will almost guarantee a great family vacation.