Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes

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Honestly, when we think of a good salad, fresh fruit salad recipes are the furthest from our minds. When we think of salads, the first thing that comes to mind is lettuce, then a macaroni salad (seafood, chicken, etc.), or any other green leafy produce.

Adding fresh fruit salad recipes to your weekly family menu plan will help bring variety to any family meal. You will be pleasantly surprised by the reaction of your family, especially, the kids. Just think of all of the different combinations of fruits that can be included in your fruit salad recipes.

Traditionally, fresh fruit salad recipes are fast and easy to prepare. If you want to be lazy you could actually drain a couple of cans of fruit cocktail, dump them into a bowl, and add a few extras, like tiny marshmallows, nuts, coconuts or even whipped cream to make your salad more inviting.

A healthier option is to use fresh fruit in your fruit salad recipe. A lot of people believe that blueberries work well in fresh fruit salad recipes, but you can always add your favorites, like peaches, pears, oranges or any fruit you desire to make a fruit salad fit any occasion.

Fresh fruit salad recipes are normally served as an appetizer, side dish, or dessert on any menu.

My Aunt Ada (God rest her soul) made a fresh fruit salad every Thanksgiving. I'm sure it took awhile to prepare this salad as all of the seeds had to be removed from the fruit. However, it was always the most memorable dish at the table. We would literally argue over who would get the leftover fruit salad or fruit cup, as we would call it. It was great over cornflakes the next morning.

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Lots of people like citrus-based salads, i.e., oranges,grapefruits, lemons and limes for a great salad. Just add some additional toppings,and you have a great addition to any family meal. Because of the possibility of a lot of lip pucking, you might want to add a little whipped cream or some other ingredient to ease the bite.

Don't forget to be a little adventurous and try some exotic fruits in your salad, like papaya, pomogranite, star fruit and kiwi, which are available in your local supermarket.

The best thing about fresh fruit salad recipes are that they are normally easy to prepare. Salads can be made by using canned fruits, fresh fruits, or even dried fruits.