Family Road Trip not Road Rules


Thinking about taking a Family Road Trip? A Family road trip could be challenging and will take a lot of patience, but at the same time it could be one of your families most memorable adventures.

A trip like this will take some preparation to make it a success. Here are some quick and easy tips for making your Family Road Trip a fun and safe one.

1.) The first thing you shuld do is prepare a checklist of items you will need your list should consist of a first aid kit, food, drinks, snacks,and plenty of times like toys, coloring books, paper, and crayons. A portable dvd for the little ones with their favorite movies and for your older kids their cell phones, laptop, or Ipod and you won't hear from them for hours.

You can download games and word puzzles from the internet. If you are traveling with toddlers don't forget the diapers and the wet ones. A comfortable pillow and blanket will do for the much needed nap. Bringing their favorite stuffed animals is a good idea as well.

2.) Decide on your destination and contact an organization like AAA Travel Services for a trip itinerary request the scenic route as this is what makes the road trip relaxing.

3.) When checking your planned route, you may want to browse the internet for reasonably priced gas stations ($Save) and points of interest on the map and plan to stop at these sites. 4.) Make sure to plan pit stops regularly at nice spacious rest stops gives the children room to forget the cofinements of the car and you get to stretch and re-energize.

5.) Last but definitely not least if you aren't renting a vehicle make sure your car is road worthy. Have your auto mechanic check out your automobile thoroughly. Make sure to have your oil changed and your tires rotated if necessary. Check your fluids and definitely your windshield wipers as you never know when you might hit inclement weather.

Make sure you have a roadside emergency kit which should include a blanket, flares, flashlight, and batteries and mor. Don't skimp on safety.

If you have planned carefully you will be able to provide your Family members or friends with telephone numbers and dates of hotels or motels (unless you're staying at a campsite) you will be staying at just in case of emergencies.

Before leaving on your road trip engage the children in the planning of the trip (age appropriate) and allow them to pack their own clothes (definitely double-check). This makes them feel a part of the overall expedition.

Planning your Family Road Trip in advance will save you time, stress, and money while providing your family with an adventure they will never forget.