Family Recipes are Meant to be Shared

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"Family Recipes are meant to be shared"

Family Recipes and Cookbooks are something you and your family value especially as it has been passed down generation to generation.

You can always taste good food all of the time, but in the back of your mind you'll say something like, those pancakes were good but they didn't taste like Aunt Ada's pancakes.

You eat a delicious slice of pound cake , but in the back of your mind you can only think of Aunt Olivia's pound cake.

Of course you have tried to watch as your family members prepared these foods but were never able to duplicate the taste without the actual recipe or the one on one lesson from the master cook.

Aunt Ada's pancakes were thin with crispy edges and always buttered to perfection served with pork link sausages. She would place them on the table stacked high, with warmed syrup, then you would ask her "when are you going to eat?" her response was always "I made those for you I already ate". Then I would eat pancakes until I passed out.

My Aunt Olivia's pound cake is the most delicious thing you could ever taste. I mean when my Aunt Olivia shows up to a family function of course we asked her "how are you doing?", but we were really asking "did you bring the pound cake?". There could be a whole table of bakery purchased cakes and pies and none of them could compare to her pound cake. It's so good that my mom actually tries to hide it from me or offer me some other type of cake (that's a shame).

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I believe that all Family Cookbooks and Recipes are a way of continiuing family traditions like Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

We all know that weddings,anniversaries,family reunions, and even funerals can get family and friends together.

These events are far and in between, as good food can bring people together in a moments notice. All my mother-in-law Mackie has to say is "I'm gonna fry some chicken" and we're off to her house. My uncle will bring his own chicken from New Jersey just for her to cook.

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Now the real question is how do we save and preserve these recipes? Let's be truthful, some family recipes are passed down and some will be taken for a lack of better words to the grave. With some recipes or relatives you wouldn't have the courage to ask for them, but if you don't ask you will never know. Let the recipe trustee know that the family enjoys and holds this recipe close to their hearts and considers this recipe as a family tradition. Maybe they could put this recipe in a special place which it can be obtained when they are no longer able to cook or have gone to a better place.

Create a family heirloom - start your own family cookbook at the Great Family Cookbook Project!

Family recipes and cookbooks are meant to be shared and enjoyed by all. Just like int the movie Soul Food, food was a sharing of love. So get your family cooks together and share your love of Family Recipes before it's too late.