Family Menu Planning

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Family menu planning is important as dinner. It's the time families come together at the end of a busy, and more than likely, challenging day.

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For busy moms, it is sometimes the most hectic part of the day. After a long day of work or daily chores and activities, preparing a meal without family menu planning could be stressful.

To help you with dinner menu planning, we will provide 6 menu planning tips for the busy mom:

1) Try scheduling your meals one week in advance. Planning your dinner meals in advance means minimizing the chance you will stop at a fast food restaurant for a convenient but unhealthy meal.

As a concerned parent or guardian, you will always try to provide your family with a healthy balanced diet. You can plan your dinner menu on the Saturday prior to the next week. Create your shopping list from the recipes you intend to use to avoid buying items you don't need at the grocery store. Feel free to browse a few food buying tips.

2) Learn to steal food, oh, I'm sorry, I mean, to look for bargains. You can clip coupons, check weekly circulars or even download coupons online. This will help you decide which grocery store(s) best meets your needs. If there is one food staple that is common in a lot of your family recipes, consider purchasing these items in bulk.

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3) Consider searching online for different recipes. After awhile plain baked chicken and white rice on Wednesday can become boring. Try the unlimited international recipes on the world-wide web.

4) Try cooking your food in advance. After developing your meal plan, try cooking as much as you can, as long as it is practical and falls within safe, food storage guidelindes. Try selecting a day when your family can help you, like Saturday or Sunday. Each person can work on their own meal (of course, the little ones will need some help, and please make sure they wash those little hands. After meals are completed, you can put them in casserole dishes, food containers, or frozen food containers.

5) Complete prep work, in advance, of course. This won't work for all meals as some meals don't turn out right unliess the ingredients are very fresh. Preparing ingredients, vegetables, spices and marinating meats, in advance, can save a substancial amount of time allowing spices and marinades to settle into meats will make any BBQ a success.

6) Leftovers, your loss or gain. Have a leftover smorgasbord or just use a little leftover recipe magic Be careful as the food storage guidelines> for different foods may vary. You may want to freeze some leftovers as your refrigerator could become a breeding ground for penicillin. Leftovers are great if you hate throwing away food and saving money.

Family menu planning will alleviate stress for the busy mom and make mealtime more enjoyable for everyone.