Egg Storage,Nutrition and Safety

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When thinking of egg storage,egg nutrition,and egg safety 2 words automatically enter your mind and they are cholesterol and salmonella.

What a lot of us don't know is that eggs supply all 8 essential amino acids and are great for cooking. Eggs thicken,glaze,stabalize,bind and serve as leavening agents.

Have you ever tried cooking a certain recipe which included eggs and left them out by mistake or you just were short an egg or two? The outcome is usually pretty ugly.

If eggs are eaten in moderation,handled,and prepared properly,they could be an important part of a health diet

Handling eggs safely is very important and here a few egg storage saftey tips;

1) Purchase clean,uncracked eggs from a refrigerated case.

2) Refrigerate eggs as soon as possible afte purchase.

3) Wash hands properly before and after contact with raw eggs. Make sure you clean your cooking utensils and counter tops when using raw eggs.

Learn how to wash your hands properly

4) Cook eggs thouroughly (160 degrees Fahrenheit) and eat immediately.

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Eggspect the Very Best in Nutrition

Egg storage is pretty simple, eggs need to be refrigerated @ 41-45 degrees Fahrenheit or below, preferably near the back of the refrigerator not on the door.

In referenece to salmonella only 1 in 20,000 eggs in the U.S. is estimated to have this bacteria. It was once thought that salmonella contamination came from the shell of the egg but was later found that it could be deposited inside the egg by the hen.

Symtoms of Salmnellosis

Headache,chills,fever (up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit)

Stomach Cramps

Diarrhea (sometimes bloody)

Egg Storage Chart Egg Product Refrigeration / Freezer

Raw in Shell 4-5 weeks/ Don't Freeze

Raw Whites 2-4 days/ 12 months

Raw Yolks 2-4 days/ Don't Freeze

Hard Cooked 1 week/ Don't Freeze

Casseroles 3-4 days/ 2-3 months

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Believe it or not there is more than one Egg Nutrition Fact.

Eggs are a significant source of iron,riboflavin,folate,and vitamins B12,D,and E. The fact that eggs have Vitamin D stands out because it is one of few foods that contain this particular vitamin.

One large egg provides about 6 grams of protein, half of which is in the egg white. Egg whites are considered the measuring stick for all other proteins, because it contains all the amino acids needed for human consumption.

Of the 5 grams of fat in one large egg, 1/2 of which is unsaturated, unsaturated fat doesn't raise cholesterol levels.

Recent research indicates that egg eaters are more likely than non egg eaters to handle diets that provide adequate amounts of essential vitamins. Just a few nutrients and their percentage of daily value produced by one large egg;

Protein 10% Vitamin A 6% Iron 4% Riboflavin 15% Vitamin B12 8% Phosphorous 8% Vitamin D 6%

Egg Calories

One large egg has 70 calories, which isn't a lot but have you ever eaten one egg in a restaurant or prepared just one egg in your kitchen? I don't think so! So let's settle for 140 calories at a minimum per serving.

We'll eventually list a number of egg recipes and provide you with the calories per serving sot that you can keep your 2008 weight containment reosolution (sounds better than weight loss). Eggs are economical and versatile

Eggs basically are one ot the mose inexpensive products on our shopping list and have come to save the day on more than one occassion. In the past you could find our family having "Breakfast Night", the kids thought it was a blast, but they didn't realize a few eggs with cheese of course was definitely cheaper than a number of dinner options. Who am I kidding we still have breakfast night!

Here's one story I could tell over and over. As a private in the U.S. Army and recently married in Junction City, KS (Ft. Riley HHB 2/5 FA) and just one night before payday, our eyes were on the two eggs in the refrigerator. The plan was to scramble the eggs, go to bed and wait for direct deposit to hit the bank account.

I've always called my lovely wife Debbie clumpsy which she will deny to the very end,happened to drop an egg, I looked at her with a straight face and said "I guess someone's not eating tonight." We still laugh about this story 22 years later.

We've basically kept our egg dishes limited to breakfast foods such as scrambled eggs,french toast,bacon egg and cheese sandwhiches, and the occasional egg salad and deviled egg snacks. Eggs prices have not increased as other foods because over the years producers of eggs have used highly efficient production and management techniques to keep costs down and prices low.

This alone has motivated the household consumer to develop endless,delicious egg recipes, which will encourage me to add new entries to my Family Cookbook.

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Don't let the ill-deserved bad reputation of eggs keep you from enjoying a motivational and economical meal and always remember the importance of Egg Storage and Nutrition.