Easter Egg Decorating Tips


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Easter Egg Decorating tips are being made available to help this fun time stay accident free. Kids are excited to see plain, white eggs turn into beautiful colors and designs...... Here are a few Easter egg decorating tips to minimize the mess this year.

1) Try using decorative stickers instead of traditionally dying eggs. Stickers are simple as there is nothing complicated about them and can be purchased at your local craft store. They (kids) have already put stickers on their bedroom walls, so why not Easter eggs.

2) You've heard the saying "Location is key," well, you could dye your eggs at the stove (of course, once the burners have cooled). You can avoid the mess at the kitchen or dining room table when children have their own dipping cups. Mix the dye in a 5-quart pot. Take one of your old aprons or t-shirts and put it on your child. Let the kids dip the eggs in the dye and take them out with a slatted spoon when ready.

3) Dye your eggs on the floor. Gavity plays an important role in this Easter egg decorating tip. The lower you are to the ground, the shorter the distance the egg has to fall. I call it the Humpty Dumpty theory.

Place an old vinyl table cloth or bed sheet on the floor, bring out the apron or old T-shirt, and some cheap latex gloves. Gloves allow the kids to dip the eggs without the use of a spoon or tongs. When they complete their masterpieces, you can wrap the gloves inside the old vinyl tablecloth or bed sheet and take it directly to the trash.

4) You can always purchase an Easter egg Decorating kit. There are multiple companies that have been producing their kits for years.

Companies that manufacture these kits seem to find ways to make Easter egg Decorating easier and faster every year. Some kits provide you with egg wrapping kits that, basically, create no mess at all.

These Easter egg Decorating tips are great for everyone because no matter how fun it is to decorate the eggs, nobody likes the mess.