Dance Fitness Programs the Alternative Excercise Plan


Dance Fitness Programs prove that exercise doesn’t have to be grueling to produce great results. Many people have told me and have showed me that dancing is a great exercise to lose weight and stay fit. Have you ever noticed what the body of a dancer looks like? They are tight, slim, and toned. Give Dance Fitness Programs a try there is surely one that you will enjoy and help you stay fit.

There are a variety of dancing classes you can take that will promote a healthy heart, mind, and body. Each class provides you with a total body workout while keeping it fun and interesting for everyone. Let’s look at a few dancing workouts you can use to get and stay fit.

1.Zumba – This dance craze is becoming a regulardance fitness program offered the country . Zumba is a mix of Latin dances like salsa, cumbia, and merengue, along with current hip-hop, and swing moves. The class utilizes upbeat music to keep you sweating and your heart pumping. The moves work the entire body particularly the abs and you don’t mind because you are always enjoying yourself.

2.Hip-Hop Dancing –If you notice you don’t see too many hip hop video dancers out of shape. The moves center on shaking your money maker and moving those hips from side to side.

Switching your hips requires strong abs muscles which become even leaner and stronger with constant dancing. The great cardio workout will make you sweat while enjoying some great Hip Hop beats.

3.Belly Dancing - We all know this workout is geared towards the midsection and the hips. At first it will be difficult to get the hang of it ,but over time you will be looking for a Middle East restaurant to perform (lol). Although you don’t have too maybe you will get a chance to wear those those cute dangling bead outfits too. Belly dancing workouts shape the waist while constantly moving your arms raises your heart rate.

4.Bhangra Dancing - This is an Indian form of dancing that takes the body through a series of slimming routines. Masala Bhangra workouts provide a cardiovascular workout that is fun for everyone.
You can Use a combination of these dance workout routines to get and keep your body into shape doing something that you already like to do. In the process, you will learn some new dance moves that you can show off or teach to others and encourage them to get and stay fit while having a great time.

Dancing Fitness Programs can be deceiving because no one considers that you can have fun while working out. You may not get the moves down pat all at once, but with consistency and practice, you’ll get it right. Whatever you do don’t get discouraged. Once you perfect the moves, you can easily add some flair and attitude that further challenges your body.

Dancing Fitness Programs can be done at home with DVDs or in a class at a gym or studio. You will burn an enormous amount of calories with each hour of dancing that you complete. Dancing fitness programs provide you with the will to lose weight (if that is your goal) and get into shape.