Coupon Organizers will help You with Grocery Savings and the Family Budget

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Using Grocery Coupon Organizers to increase savings in these tough economic times can help you offset the high costs of living. There are definite benefits to using Grocery Coupon Organizers which we will discuss in detail.

Here's how you use your Grocery Coupon Organizer to make couponing a calm and an exceptional savings event.

· Sort your coupons

Grocery coupon organizers let you sort your coupons once and then you're done. There are a number of different types of coupon organizers some simple and some very detailed. A good rule is to put the older coupons in front of newer ones so that you use the older ones first and can use them up before they expire.

· Keep your coupons in one place

No more scrambling before you go to the grocery store, scratching your head and saying, "Now, where did I put my coupons?" Or, even worse, you may not know what coupons you have. This way, by having one central location where you keep all of your coupons, you can pick all of those out that you're going to use based upon your grocery list, tuck them in your wallet or purse, and you're good to go. I normally keep my coupons in the car.

· Sort them logically -- for you

Everybody's a little different, but the point is that you should sort your coupons in a way that makes sense to you. Here are some ways to consider sorting them, select which method is easier for you.

· Alphabetically by product name or manufacturer

· By grocery aisle order at your favorite store

· By type of food or household item ( cereals, fresh vegetables, fruit , dairy , meat, clothing detergent, dish detergent, cleanser, disposable diapers)

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Remember that however you decide to sort your coupons, you should place them with the oldest coupons in front of the newer coupons in each category. This will ensure that you use up old coupons before they expire, saving yourself as much money as possible. There's no worse feeling than finding an expired coupon that you could have used.

It's likely that you're not going to want to lug your coupon organizer with you to the grocery store, so keep your coupon organizer someplace where you're going to see it and can grab the coupons you need just before you go. Tuck them in your wallet or purse alongside your money or checkbook so that they're right there when you get to the checkout.

· Coupon clip one day a week at a specific time, toss all the ones you don't use or give them to someone that you know who uses that particular product, and then you're done until next week

That brings us to the final point. Where do you get your coupons? The point is, you can really get them anywhere. There are online sites that have free coupons,they come in the Sunday paper and sometimes in your local paper, stores run specials, and so on.

Sometimes you can accumulate piles of newspapers and coupon circulars that will you will eventually get around to clipping the coupons.

So designate a place for these items so you won't have to look for them when coupon clipping time comes.

Select one day of the week at a specified time (after the kids are in bed, let's say), to sit down with that pile of newspapers and your coupon organizer to clip and file. Give yourself no more than an hour to do this. That way, you'll be as efficient as possible. When that hour is up (or whenever the job is done, whichever comes first), you're going to stick all that extra paper in the recycle bin, and you're done.

Over the next week, that designated spot can again fill up with newspapers, coupon finds with lots of extra paper, and so on.

The point is, it never goes beyond a week before that pile gets tossed/recycled. That way, you don't have scads of paper sitting around hoping that you'll "someday" be able to go through to find coupons that have long since expired anyway.

And that's it! Happy coupon shopping with your newly organized treasures. Using coupons can save you lots of money and time, so that you'll have the time -- and money -- for much more fun things than coupon shopping.