What is your favorite Cooking Show on TV?


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"What Cooking Show on TV is worth watching?"

What Cooking Show on TV do you watch? It seems that lately when turning on the TV at anytime during the day you can tune into a cooking show on tv.

A long way from rom the cooking show of the past, when a person shows up and just showed and instructed you on how to make a certain dish.

Now not only do they show you a particular dish, they now bring in celebrities, special guest chefs, politicians, and much more.

One of my favorite TV Cooking shows is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, I am not sure where he would be considered in the different types of cooking shows. One thing is that he is passionate about battling Childhood obesity and must be mentioned.

There are all kinds of cooking shows ie.

The Competitive Cooking Shows

Shows which encourage up and coming chefs to be creative and to perform under pressure. The winner of the competition usually ends up with a cash prize which can help them in persuing their dream of opening up their own restaurant. They have cooking shows with more experienced chefs running all over the kitchen after receiving certain ingredients and a time limit to invent or complete a culinary masterpiece.

A lot of these culinary plates they prepare I am unfamiliar with or could not afford the upscale restaurants where they are served. However, in Philadelphia (my hometown) there are a number of restaurant schools which you can visit sit down and have a upscale meal at a considerable discount. The Restaurant.com and the Entertainment book are great for casual and fine dining discounts.

The Cooking Home Show

The cooking home show is basically everyday food tv. It caters to the working person,stay at home moms,and people who are busy but still want to have a nice meal.

Most of the recipes consist of your Favorite Foods with a special twist of flavor and various shortcuts to make your life easier. The Host or Hostess of these everyday food tv shows, have a particular flair or personality which matched with their audience interaction makes it a treat to watch.

The Culinary Arts Cooking Show

This type of cooking show on tv, shows people how to prepare gourmet meals which you could find in a 5 star restaurant. Sometimes I watch these shows and wonder how could that taste good with all of those different seasonings and ingredients. Well in listening to the chefs they constantly refer to a certain seasonings bringing out certain flavors in meats and vegetables. Sometimes this makes me interested in taking a culinary class or two.

The Reality Cooking Show

This is where Jamie Oliver of the Food Revolution show belongs. These type of shows relate to the day to day routine of a Chef like Buddy Valastro the "Cake Boss" or maybe a compassion of a Chef like Jamie Oliver. There are a number of cooking shows that have a Celebrity Chef's traveling in the United States or Abroad tasting local fare or exotic foods, Chef Anthony Bourdain will eat anything.

Bottom line there are a number of cooking tv shows the biggest problem is getting caught up in them as sometimes they run the shows back to back and I could sit there for hours watching them. Cooking isn't the only thing that needs to be done around the home so take care I have to go.

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