Childhood Obesity Facts and an Overview of Childhood Obesity in America


Why write a page on Childhood Obesity Facts on our website? Well we do talk about food preparation and are always concerned about our visitors health and well being.

The majority of our visitors are parents,guardians,cooks,and providers who have the say and choice as to what foods to serve their families and guests. Well you have your answer now lets provide you with the Childhood Obesity Facts.

It is widely known that a high percentage of the American population is overweight, but the percentage of obese children in the country is increasing at an alarming rate.

About 20% of all children in the country are considered overweight, with another 10% being high risk for becoming overweight before they reach their twenties. Not only can an overweight child develop into an extremely obese adult, but can also develop serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes in their lifetime.

Obesity in children occurs for a number of different reasons. The first is poor eating habits that begin at birth, such as eating fast food or sweets on a regular basis. A child requires only healthy calories in order to gain weight as they grow, since their bodies thrive off of the various vitamins and nutrients to make them strong and healthy.

I believe that out of all Childhood obesity facts and solutions that the most important is that healthy eating habits must be established as soon as a child starts eating table food, in order to maintain a healthy weight without becoming dependent on unhealthy food items. It is up to the parent to set an example by only keeping healthy food in the home, and letting the child know that sweets and fast food should only be consumed every once in awhile after maintaining healthy eating habits.

Another reason childhood obesity in America is increasing at an alarming rate is because of the lack of physical activity children choose to participate in.

With new video games and television shows taking up most of their time, children are rarely outside running around and playing with their friends.

Sports are being replaced by the newest handheld device, and children are watching their favorite television shows after school instead of participating in a neighborhood baseball game.

The lack of exercise is leading to less calories being burned, so children are easily becoming overweight in the first few years of life.

Childhood obesity can lead to a number of serious health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, and even heart conditions. Being overweight as a child can also increase the child’s risk of developing serious health conditions when they get older, such as cardiovascular disease.

The weight can be very hard to get rid of once the child has grown into an adult and usually only gets worse as long as the child maintains unhealthy eating habits.

Many of the conditions related to obesity are irreversible and can be very serious, and can even result in death if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained.

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The best cure for childhood obesity is prevention and knowing some childhood obesity facts as knowledge is key. By implementing healthy eating habits within the home, children will learn how to eat healthy and avoid obesity all together.

Although having a sweet snack or pizza night every once in awhile is okay, it is up to the parents to introduce healthy eating habits in the home for children to learn how to eat healthy. By only offering healthy meals and snacks, children will be able to learn to love beneficial food items and that sweets are only meant to be consumed every once in a while.

Healthy exercise habits must also be taught by parents, since encouraging television or video game time will only lead to childhood obesity. Signing children up for local sports organizations or leagues will definitely help in the prevention of Childhood Obesity. Please use these Childhood Obesity facts and solutions to help your family enjoy a healthy lifestyle.