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Cake storage is important as we also know that cakes and pies do not last long as far as freshness goes b>the frosting gets a little crunchy and if you keep the cake too long the color of the cake starts to change colors (UGGHH).

Here are a few suggested storage times for Cakes, Pastries, and Pies at room temperature or refrigerated 33-40 degrees F.

Cakes Room Temperature 2-4 days

Doughnuts Room Temperature 4-5 days

The Famous Fruit Cake Refrigerated 2-3 months

Pie and Pastries Refrigerated 3 days

Pie and Pastries Cream filled Refrigerated 2-3 days

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I personally don't like to freeze these items but my Aunt does and her cakes and pies taste delicious if you want freezer storage information for the above items feel free to contact us.

There is a fantastic website called that not only has great cake creations but also an innovative product for cake storage.

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Wax paper and aluminum foil seem to be the most inexpensive way to cover and transport your delicious masterpiece to another location. But we all know that the condition it arrives to the party or special occasion could be a lot to be desired, as you watch people trying to be the first in line to lick the aluminum foil or wax paper.

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Have you ever delivered a cake that leans to one side? Or constantly go over to your cake to adjust the aluminum foil to keep the flies and bees off of it. We know that a cake container found in the diners that sits on the counter would be let’s say a little unpractical.

Wouldn’t you like a cake storage container that you can use to keep your cake fresher longer?

Wouldn’t you like a cake storage container that would not mess up your beautiful masterpiece?

Wouldn’t you like a cake storage container that you could hand to your child without a worry to carry from the car?

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Well all you have to do is surf the net or get in your car and travel to your local mall. I'll provide you with a short cut as there are all sorts of products that will save you time (licking the icing off of the aluminum foil) or just saving the embarassing moment as you uncover your delightful dessert at the party. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!