Selecting the Right Cake Baking Supplies

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Whether you are an experienced baker or a novice just learning to bake and decorate your own cakes, you will need to select quality cake baking supplies for your baking and decorating all those wonderfully delicious cakes.

When using the proper equipment for baking and decorating cakes you will have much better results, than not. Here you will find a list of supplies that will make baking so much easier and a pleasure as well.

We felt it would be appropriate to at least provide you with a list of the basic Cake Baking Supplies, you can always purchase the higher end products when you graduate from a Culinary Arts School,College,or Course.

Mixer - Having a good standing mixer is always a good thing, no matter what you may be needing to mix, they come in a variety of models. Unless you need to hand stir a recipe, an electric mixer will safe you time, while leaving your hands free to add ingredients. An electric mixer will work just as well.

Mixing Bowls - You should look for deep bowls that have flat bottoms for their immovability as well as a curled rim for easy pouring. They vary in sizes, you can find them separately or in three pieces sets. You can choose between glass, stainless steel or ceramic.

Measuring Spoons and Cups - These you will use for measuring dry and liquid ingredients.

Spatulas - These tools come in handy and you will need a flat spatula and an offset spatula. You might consider either those made of wood or silicone.

Whisk - These are wonderful to use when needed, they should be made with fine wires of stainless steel.

Cake Pans - You will want to find cake pans that are two inches deep with a diameter of 8 to 9 inches, made of heavy gauge aluminum, so that heat is well distributed throughout the pan. Once you are familiar with cake baking you might want to try some of the specialty cake pans.

Wire Rack - This tool permits air to circulate around the baked goods you are cooling, make sure they are made of stainless steel mesh and have feet on the bottom for the best results.

Cake Board - You can make these easily by cutting a piece of stiff cardboard any size you want, simply cover it with aluminum foil and colored cellophane.

Parchment Paper - These are useful for lining your cake pans for an easier release, while eliminating the need to grease a pan, they are nonstick, heat resistant and disposable.

Cake Leveler - This tool allows you to evenly cut off the top of unevenly baked cakes to make them straight and even, it has two posts with a fine wire strung between the posts, much like a cheese cutter.

Plastic Turntable - This tool makes it easy to turn cakes around while decorating.

Hopefully, these other Cake Baking and Tools will Help You

Maybe with the right Cake Baking Supplies You can make Pastry Creations Like Buddy Valastro "The Cake Boss"

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Metal Decorating Tips - There are various points for cake decorating, each numbered tip creates a different effect.

Decorating Bags - These are reusable plastic bags that you load with icing for decorating, or make your own with parchment paper or a Ziploc bag.

Flower Nails - These are specialized picks useful for making flower decorations.

Paste Colors - These are useful for changing the color of the icing, be sure to get various colors.

Kitchen Timer - If your oven does not have a timer, this little tool can come in handy for not allowing you to let things burn, many cooks would be lost without one.

Toothpicks - You can use these for correcting any small mistakes as well as checking to see if your cake is done.

Hopefully, these supplies will help you with prepare a cake that looks like it was purchased right from the Bakery and if you remember me you can always send me a slice!!!!!