Buying Bulk Food for the Needy or the Greedy?

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Buying Bulk Food can Save You Money

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Buying bulk food has always a questionable shopping process for us. What we’re trying to say is we believe it is positive if done properly.

You know what we mean, you buy a certain foods because it is something you like or need on a regular basis for certain recipes or for the pantry and then you realize that this is too much or by the time we get around to eating or using the item it may be stale or spoiled.

We are members of a buying club which specializes in bulk food and products for the family and we truly can see the savings but because of its location we haven’t been there in the last 4 months. It seems as if we only use it if there is some type of event or social gathering that we are hosting.

We have friends (husband and wife) who shop until they drop and always purchase bulk food, you could go over to their home and it would seem as if they have every snack, juice, food you could ever want. It would be like you were in food heaven, however after selecting some snacks and biting into them they had definitely expired and took on some other flavor or texture.

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We’ve purchased items close to the expiration date i.e. cereal, frozen goods, and the like, (at a substantial discount of course). But the key is to get these items into an air tight sealed container which we have seen increase the shelf life considerably. Because if we can get a $4 box of name brand cereal for a $1 close to the expiration date we’re in.

There are a lot of positive things about buying in bulk;


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1) Savings (especially if you have coupons) 2)Time (not having to wait for a single item to go on sale)

3) Being able to share some of your purchases with family members.

4) When preparing large meals bulk buying is convenient.

5) Great for family affairs or events. Our suggestion to you is those if you buy in bulk have the necessary containers and organize your purchases in a way so that the food will not spoil because of the possibility of you not remembering what you bought or where it’s located.

Tupperware Has Great Bulk Storage Containers

Make sure your bulk items are used on a regular basis and that all family members know what bulk food container the item is in. I hate to hear my sons say I didn’t know that was over there or in that container. Make sure you use air tight bulk storage containers, preferably clear,transparent, or clearly labeled ones to make it easier for everyone in the family.

Whatever you do never go buying bulk food when you are hungry, you'll get home and wonder whatever happened to my food budget!!!!