Build A Pantry


Can You Build a Pantry?

Can you Build a Pantry? You can always start a pantry, but to build a pantry is a different story. Well to tell you the truth I couldn't build a pantry, I know you should never say what you can't do.

But I am not mechanically minded and know my limitations, I had someone complete my wood shop assignments in Jr. High School, it might sound politically incorrect but it was a girl.

No you just can't go to the local hardware store or lumber yard, pick up a bunch of wood and nails and think you will be successful.

Building a pantry will take some time and planning as you would need to design a pantry first. If you have the skill you will need to measure out the area for your pantry sit down and look at your basic pantry list to see what size pantry shelves you might need and the spacing depending on the dimensions of your product package ie. you want to make sure your coffee cans,laundry detergent etc. fit on the shelves properly. Also to make sure that you can acccess the items in your pantry with ease.

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There are a variety of pantry accessories like wicker baskets,pullout drawers,shelves and kitchen pantry furniture that can help you with your pantry design.

If your carpentry skills are like mine, you can always find local reputable carpenter or contractor to assist you with your project.
If you have completed a pantry or were lucky to purchase a home with a beautifully designed pantry send us a photo to show others how it is properly done.

Remember Tupperware Has Great Storage Containers for your Pantry