Buddy Valastro the Cake Boss

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If you have not yet had an opportunity to see Buddy Valastro in action you have been missing out on a whirlwind ride through the world of cakes. This talented baker is known as the Cake Boss and the title is indeed very fitting. After all who else could sculpt a life size likeness of their own wife using cakes as the material of choice?

Buddy Valastro is the cake maestro who has become nationally famous thanks to his stints on one of the TLC network's popular reality shows. The "Cake Boss" first debuted in the spring of 2009 and viewers were able to get an inside look at his bakery, Carlo's Bake Shop as well as a candid view of the daily life of Carlos and his family.

Carlo's Bake Shop is an actual bakery that is located in Hoboken, NJ. You will have to go there to sample the tasty treats and there is only local delivery available. This news comes as a great disappointment to thousands of hopeful fans who live across the country from this east coast shop.

The Cake Boss can thank his parents for much of his modern day success because they were the ones who first bought the establishment in 1964 and began the day to day operations of running a successful bakery. Buddy has now assumed the reins and he has shown time and again that he is a masterful cake baker, artistic cake designer and decorator and a natural born showman.

You can not help but be intrigued from the very beginning of the show when the intro begins to roll and you get to see an Italian styled cake with a miniature sized "Cake Boss" standing on top of it, a rolling pin proudly clutched in his hand. The powerful, larger than life personality of Buddy Valastro is always a major part of the show, but it is the art of cake baking that takes center stage.


The Cake Boss has a loyal staff comprised of mostly family and friends and their boisterous banter is entertaining but viewers are still able to glean a wealth of valuable tips and ideas about baking and cake decorating.

Although Buddy Valastro and the employees at Carlo's Bake Shop can create any type of cake you desire they are particularly interested in those cakes that require detailed work and some "out of the box" design ideas.

They have created cakes in the shape of ships, cars, homes, pocketbooks, shoes and people. It seems as though the more outrageous the concept or request the better. Some of the already aired "Cake Boss" episodes have featured Buddy Valastro and his crew fashioning a wedding cake to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and one that was a "dead on" ringer for a Las Vegas roulette table.

This Hoboken, NJ pastry chef extraordinaire has even managed to mold a wedding cake into the shape of a robot that could move. Now, you have to give props to any pastry chef that can pull off a feat like this one.

Buddy Valastro has helped elevate the career of a pastry chef to new heights and he has done so by capturing the interest of the public.

Many people just considered a baker's job as a rather boring existence where all cakes and pies looked essentially the same. Buddy has shown them that with imagination, flair and talent a pastry chef is very much a wizard in the kitchen and can change a simple sheet cake into a work of art that will capture your interest and captivate your taste buds.

The drama between the crew has been created for the TV cameras and it is simply additional filler. The real drama and excitement occurs when you have the chance to see Buddy Valastro's finished cake creations onscreen.

The Cake Boss crew has made cakes containing pure natural butter, fresh raspberries, luscious strawberries and other fresh fruits. These cakes are stunning on their own without any extra decoration but then these pastry chefs bring out their creative natures and viewers have the chance to see true pastry art take place onscreen.

These cakes are taken to extraordinary new heights with the addition of dazzling chocolate ganache or brilliantly colored, rolled fondant.

Buddy Valastro knows that anything is possible to a pastry chef. You might have a few setbacks along the way but if you dream it, then the Cake Boss is surely able to bring it to life in the form of a delicious and awe-inspiring cake.