Quench Your Thirst But Remember Beverage Storage First


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Proper Beverage Storage helps Quench Your Thirst

We know you’re sitting there saying “what in the heck is beverage storage?”. Well what we mean is the storing of your juices and liquids in and out of your refrigerator.

Know we don’t have a beverage storage chart for this topic but we do know how things can happen when your liquid refreshments are not stored properly like that tangy acidic taste in your mouth.

Let’s say for example that your open pitcher or container contents now taste like the onion that was sitting in your refrigerator. Or maybe what is that thing doing the dead mans float on top of your Kool Aid? And when you place your open top beverage container on the table will a fly decide to take a afternoon swim in your homemade squeezed lemonade?

My wife hates when I use examples like above but I am keeping it real. During the spring and summer months we seem to have an ant problem but we don’t have to worry. We use a pitcher that has a seal which slides down into the pitcher and expands to create a seal so that no unwanted guests can find their way into any of our refreshments.

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You should also consider sealed cups for your personal drinks, there are companies that have what they call dripless seals which are great for when you are working around a computer or work place. These cups have a hole just for the straw, and if you tip the cup over there will be no spills
There are a number of manufacturers that have these products, we would suggest that you look into these so that you won’t be squeezing lemons for nothing.