BBQ Cooking Tips for Your Always Remembered BBQ!!!

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BBQ Cooking Tips should help your BBQ be an enjoyable and safe one.Yes!!!!! My favorite type of cooking,grilling and barbequing on the Charbroil with the charcoal, mesquite chips and our favorite meats.

You’ve heard the stories about I went to Uncle Bob’s barbeque party and I’m sicker than a dog. Here are a couple of grilling tips to keep your BBQ a positive memory.

BBQ Cooking Tips

Marinating your food gives it that great taste, texture, and personal touch when grilling. A lot of recipes state to marinate your meat and poultry for tenderizing or flavor. This is great for “Select” grade meats which don’t have a lot of fat for tenderizing. One of the most important grilling tips is to always marinate your meats in the refrigerator. Make sure not to use the marinate from the raw meat or poultry on cooked food unless it is boiled to destroy any bacteria.

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Cookouts or picnics away from home need to be given special attention because it isn’t as if you are running back and forth to the refrigerator, you need to keep your perishables and meats at a certain temperature. When carrying food to a picnic site, make sure food is kept cold to minimize bacteria growth. Place raw meat packages in plastic bags and store separately from canned drinks and ready to eat foods.

Make sure to use an insulated cooler with ice or ice packs to keep the food 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If possible transport the cooler in the air conditioned area of your vehicle and when you get to your location put the cooler in the shade. We know how much the kids like soda and juice although we end up throwing away half full cans of juice (can't stand it), however you want to make sure that these items are stored separate from your meats and perishable items as the cooler would seem like your refrigerator on a hot summer day (open and close). You also don’t want any cross contamination of foods. When handling meats only take what you are cooking on the grill out of the cooler.

Make sure you pack clean sponges, cloths, baby wipes for cleaning surfaces and hands. I normally carry 2 gallons of soapy water for everyone to use before preparing their plate or assisting me with cooking. This is especially good for the kids who honestly don’t care they just want a hot dog or hamburger right now. Make sure you have enough separate utensils for cooking and serving as bacteria present in raw meat or juices can contaminate the safely cooked meat.

After the cookout it is suggested that you throw away any meat which has been cooked after 2 hours ago, if you have In-Laws like I have you don’t have to worry about this.

Keep It Safe as we know that the kids are always around having fun, make sure they are not playing around the grill and I tend not to let kids serve themselves around food. Hands must be washed before being served.

The most important thing is to have fun and make sure you use some of our grilling tips and make sure your event is the most memorable of the year that’s always my goal.

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BBQ Cooking Tips From the Pros

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