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Turkey has been a mainstay on the Thanksgiving Day table for centuries. Benjamin Franklin even suggested that the national bird,instead of the eagle, be an alternative to the Thanksgiving turkey.

Thank goodness he didn't have enough influence to make that happen. One thing for sure, turkeys wish they weren't that important during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

There seems to be a trend as people are substituting other foods or meats as the main dish for the Thanksgiving meal. It's possible that you are not having a large gathering this holiday, so a 15-20lb turkey is not practical.

There are a number of people that are choosing the vegetarian lifestyle. For these people the holiday is still celebrated just minus the turkey or other meats.

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Health has become a big concern for many of us. More people are cutting back on their food intake and taking a closer look at what they are eating. We recognize this trend and have offered information regarding Healthy Eating Tips. Thanksgiving is one if not the biggest eating holiday of the year. In cutting back and selecting the types of food they eat, the health concious are making other food choices to give a healthier lifestyle.

A nice alternative to turkey is fish. Salmon and other fish are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. This acid is good for lowering cholesterol. A nice dish of salmon with wild rice and green beans can satisfy anyone's taste buds. Take your salmon to the next level by adding a pecan or parmesan crust.

A lot of us think that Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without a 20lb turkey. But you would be suprised when trying the other delicious alternatives.