Leftovers Your Lost or Gain?


Leftover storage can save you a great deal of money

Who wants leftovers? I do and you should too, when talking about food storage this is one of the main areas we should be concerned about.

When you think about it when first purchasing the majority of foods with the exception of fresh vegetables, most food is canned,packaged, and has traveled to your favorite Supermarket or Grocery store. It arrives fresh and in good condition until you open the package or break the seal.

Leftover food storage is a different story as a lot of people turn their noses up at leftovers and believe that no one would want to eat them or they are simply forgotten somewhere in the refrigerator. But with the economy and different financial reasons this type of mindset has changed for a lot of people.

Well I can't speak for you but I hate to waste food as it is like throwing away money. And as I tell my kids "there is someone that would love to eat that day old food."

A major inconvenience with saving leftovers is;

1) Finding what to store them in. (Do I have a seal or lid for this bowl)

2) Is it a smelly food like Fish/Cabbage?

3) Will I remember the food before the smell takes over the refrigerator?

4) Knowing how long the food will keep.

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Although we have a number of bowls and containers sometimes the challenge is finding the seal or lid. This can be frustrating and causes a little discussion between my wife and I. After 23 years of marriage you would think I would know how to pick my battles.

There are a number of food container manufacturers who have come up with concepts to either keep your seals connected with the bowls or organized together.

Another problem with this type of food storage is knowing what is in that lump of aluminum foil,plastic wrap, or colored container in the back of the refrigerator. The key is to use clear air tight containers in the fridge and try to keep these items in the front of the fridge not hidden in the back. Save your color containers for the counter top or pantry.

Start A Pantry and Save Money!!!

Some foods just don't store well like chicken,potato salad, macaroni especially if they are above the top of the container line. What I'm saying is that every food does not fit perfectly in a container with a flat seal. Certain manufacturers have products with expandable seals or lids which conform to the shape at the top of the bowl.
Some people don't like to put their different types of food in the same container,as the foods touch or mix together. Believe it or not I have a 40 year old cousin who I remember had a fit when her food touched at 5 years old that hasn't changed a bit. I don't even care as its all going to the same place. They have divided serving dishes just like you had as a baby and they're even microwavable.

Leftovers are just as important as your initial grocery purchase. When you buy groceries with your coupons and our food buying tips you are trying to save money, so stretching your meal also saves money.

My wife and I generally take our food from the night before to work for lunch saving us at least $10-$16 a day.

Just a small investment in some decent clear air tight food grade containers could save you time (cooking) and money so don't look at it as yesterdays food but tomorrows savings!!!!