Improper Food Storage - Can You Afford It?

Carl Copeland, Basic PLUS Author


Improper Food Storage is not smart or economical

Improper Food Storage is not really smart or economical. It was a time when we constantly threw food away on a regular basis (not intentionally). The majority of the time, I don't know if the food was on the edge or bad. It basically had to do with the way it was stored or if it was wrapped in saran wrap or aluminum foil at all.

Let's face it after a hard days work, or taking care of the kids all day, after you cook that daily dinner you know the dishes need to be washed, leftovers put away, and the kitchen cleaned. The sooner the task is completed the better which means the faster you put the food away the quicker you can take care of the dishes and possibly relax watching cooking shows on TV, playing with the kids, or snuggling in the arms with your significant other.

Well I was truly guilty of improper food storage by literally throwing the leftover food on a plate or bowl, with or without saran wrap or aluminum foil.

One of the main reasons food was thrown away (not necessarily spoiled) was because it was always a guessing game, what is under the bulky aluminum foil or in the colored container? Would it be safe to unwrap or uncover it and jepordize the smell of the kitchen or entire house? Does anyone know how long this has been in the refrigerator? In my past experiences if you couldn't tell me exactly when a food was cooked It's Outta Here!

My wife is one of those I believe it was cooked on Thursday Oh maybe Tuesday it should still be good type of person. So you can see how improper food storage effects the smooth running of a household.

Over the last year I have learned more about Proper Food Storage which equates to saving money.

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I now take my time to properly place newly purchased groceries into quality air tight storage containers to extend the shelf life of products ie. cereals, cornmeal,flour, cookies, and bread. I've also learned how to properly Freeze Meats so that they will at the minimum reach the suggested guidelines for meat storage.

Learn to organize your refrigerator or at least make sure you use the FIFO method (first in first out) basically bringing the food that's been in the refrigerator the longest to the front so that it would not be forgotten or eaten first before it goes bad or at least served at the leftover family buffet or potluck.

Please realize that clear containers are not as exciting as colorful containers but for the refrigerator they're great to see what's in the bowl, you can save your pretty colorful bowls for serving.

Most foods that come out of the refrigerator can enter one way and eaten another ie

Leftover chicken = chicken salad, chicken soup

Leftover hot dogs = cut up hot dogs in baked beans

Leftover hamburger = crumbled hamburger into some chilli

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So take some time out of your busy schedule, organize your kitchen storage containers, don't practice improper food storage from now on don't look at putting your food away as time consuming but a money saving opportunity.