Can a Free Website Host Company Help You Develop A Successful Website?


"A Free Website Host Company may not be right for you."

A Free Website Host,let's take a look at life in general, if someone other than a family member or friend gives you something for free more than likely they want something in return, maybe not right now but in the near future.

I've used Free Website Host Companies and it all comes down to what my Father used to say "You get what you pay for".

It's a no brainer, now in the beginning it sounds great = Free Broadband Width, multiple email accounts, lots of template designs, free submission to the search engines, and much much more.

Now that you have your free website tools you are on your way. Now unless you are an internet guru or seo pro you really don't have a clue on what to do next. Do you know anything about creating good content, keyword analysis, building traffic, preselling, and site monetization? If you don't , do you think your free website is going to provide you with all of this extra information for let's say free?

So now you're trying to build your website, slightly confused and then your Free Website Host starts offering you added features for a minimum fee, of course it's a bargain for someone as confused as you are.

We all know that time is money and you are sweating and working hard with this website for a year (if you last that long) and you see not traffic, no improvement, and no money unless its a hobby. There are a number of cheap and not so cheap website host companies that operate the same way, they show you all of the bells and whistles with no guidance or support, which is what we all need at some point in time.

My suggestion to you is when you are ready to build your successful website, select a website host company that is going to partner with you in your business.

Select a company with a great customer service and support staff.

Select a company with an active members forum for peer motivation and consultation.

Select a company that can provide you with internet and website tools for success. Select one that you feel comfortable with and believe has your best interests at heart.

A good website host company does not have to be free to be right for you. Maybe your website keyword will be ranked number 4 and 5 on Google and number 1 on MSN live within 6 months.

Stay focused and motivated and Good Luck in all you do and pursue.