Food Storage Times to Eat or not to Eat That is the Question?

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"Food Storage Times are Important for a Healthy Home"

Food Storage Times vary depending on what type of food you are referring to ie. Meat,Poultry,Fruit,Vegetables,Grains,etc.

For years I tried to determine the freshness or if you will the not so freshness of a food by its look or smell. But wouldn't be easier or more practical if you had a resource or reference for this information. So if there was a question mark in your mind if something should be eaten or thrown away it could be easily accessed or answered.

Oh yes I have been fooled by smelling milk thinking it was sour as some of the milk had accumulated around the spout or cap giving a slightly spoiled odor, later to see my son eating a bowl of cereal saying it tasted fine.

Sometimes food storage times can be extended by the food storage technique or product you use.

This might be a stupid question but do you think that cereals,grains,and rice would last longer in the original retail package or an airtight sealed container or canister?

Do you believe that the Food Manufacturers want your food to last well beyond the normal shelf life in order to save you money. I don't think so as they are given guidelines by the FDA or trying to keep up with their competition. It's something like that chewing gum commercial where the gums flavor lasts so long no ones buying it(Yea Right).

Food Storage Times should be strictly adhered to for certain foods because they could cause severe illness or diseases. There are certain foods that I would never take a chance on such as Fish, Poultry,Pork,and Eggs. I could probably get away with a little moldy bread but not moldy fish.

We do not copy information of Food Storge Charts by using excel software and changing the order of information. We would prefer just to let you connect with College and Governmental websites with this information. Here are some Food Storage Charts for you to use.

Fruit Storage Chart

Vegetable Storage Chart

Refrigerated Meat Storage

Frozen Meat Storage

Leftover Food Storage Chart

Make sure to bookmark this page for future reference. Take care and keep your Family Healthy and Safe by being informed and educated.