Family Savings Every Little Bit Adds Up


Living on a budget is the key to Financial Freedom, but getting started is the first step. When reviewing Your expenses every month and all the bills that need to be paid, it would be easy to throw Your hands in the air and walk away in disgust.

It's time to look at the little expenses as you would be suprised to find out just how much they amount to.

It's easy to ignore cutting back on the little things you're thinking a few dollars won't make a significant difference in the big picture. When you cut back in a lot of small ways, you can end up with a lot more money and the end of the month.

Waste Not want Not

One way to improve a Family Budget is to stop wasting this can apply to many areas in our lives. From eating to home heating waste equals money going down the drain unecessary.

Cooking for the family instead of ordering fast food or dining out is a great way to save money with cooking at home comes leftovers,we have about 5 pages dedicated to leftovers and how to use them.

If your home is not properly insulated, You're wasting a lot of money in heating and cooling costs. You might spend a few dollars upfront, but the money you will save will be well worth it. We replaced a window in our basement and the difference in the winter time was unbelievable.

The majority of households waste an enormous amount of electricity. yu can prevent this by using energy efficient appliances (Energy Star) and energy saving flourescent light bulbs. Turn lights,computers,televisions and other devices when not in use. Open up blinds and curtains and let some natural sunlight into your home or apartment.

Do Yourself a Favor: Do it Yourself

Why pay someone money for something you can do for Yourself? Your just spending money unecessarily. It can be as small as making Your own coffee rather than buying it Dunkin Donuts or a convenience store or as large as a home repair.

For years I purchased $1 coffee or $1.50 20oz soft drinks from conveneince store on the way to work in the morning. This adds up to $5 to $7.50 a week. Instead make Your own coffee and put it in a thermos or you can buy a 6 pack of 20oz soda for $3.00 on sale at your favorite grocery store. The same applies to lunch time, instead of the Fast Food, I take leftovers which can be reheated in the microwave.

While we're not all skilled laborers most of us can do some things for ourselves. If you house needs painting maybe you can call a couple of family members or friends and have a painting party. Making a few minor repairs Yourself can save on the hourly charges billed by carpenters,plumbers, and the like. Major retailers like Home Depot and Lowes offer this info and have multiple "How To" books at their locations. Even Your local hardware store will give you some tips on how to make small repairs.

When You add up the savings, you may be able to get rid of some of your expenses in the Family budget. So take a close look at your small expenses and see if they can be eliminated or greatly reduced as it could positively impact your bottom line.